Taylor Armstrong, a Former Member of “Rhobh,” Recalled Wendy Williams Disclosing Her Violent Marriage.

Taylor Armstrong asserts that Wendy Williams, not Camille Grammer, was “the first person” to “publicly” reveal her late husband’s alleged physical abuse.

The former actress of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” acknowledged in a new interview that she was unsure how to handle Williams, who in 2011 during an appearance for her talk show of the same name labeled then-husband Russell Armstrong a “disgusting man” and said it was “like abuse.”

It was as though, “What?! ” Taylor recounted this in the episode of the podcast “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” that aired on Monday. “Like, I’m on national television – of course, I’m going to [deny it],” Taylor said. I thought, “What? No!’ I even can’t recall what I said to her.

Taylor Armstrong recalls Wendy Williams outing her abusive marriage

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Taylor, who starred in the Bravo series from 2010 to 2013, claimed that Williams “understood the dynamics” of [their] relationship early in season 1.

It’s obvious that these two have a troubled relationship, she continued, “and it came out a lot on Twitter and in the tabloids and whatnot. “However, [Williams] was the first to openly state it. I naturally rejected it because that’s what people do, though.

Williams said to Taylor in their January 2011 interview, “With all due respect, [Russell] is a horrible man to you. It’s similar to abuse!

Taylor told Williams that their marriage was having a difficult time and that she didn’t feel “abused” in an effort to hide the alleged abuse.

She insisted to the talk show host, “I feel like we haven’t bonded in a long.

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Taylor Armstrong recalls Wendy Williams outing her abusive marriage

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Taylor reacted similarly when Grammer became well-known for abusing women in front of cameras during season 2 of the Bravo program.

Taylor, 51, said to Yontef, who remarked that she also denied it at the time, “I was in shock and I don’t even know what my reaction was, if any because I just remember sitting there utterly deadpan, like, I have no idea what to say now.”

“I distinctly recall staring in astonishment at our field producer, who was standing in front of me with the cameras. I was at a loss for words,” she continued.

“But as I glanced at him, I knew things were going to alter my life tremendously. I remember the exact moment so clearly. And although it’s possible for me to die, get divorced, or have things change for the better, I was aware that once I leave through this door, nothing will ever be the same.

Taylor Armstrong recalls Wendy Williams outing her abusive marriage

After nearly six years of marriage, Taylor filed for divorce from Russell, a venture entrepreneur with a history of legal issues and rising financial challenges, in July 2011.



He hanged himself at his Los Angeles home the following month. As a result of Russell’s unfinished business with money, Taylor was later the target of several lawsuits. Taylor obtained legal counsel from John H. Bluher, an attorney she married in 2014.

Kennedy Armstrong, Taylor and Russell’s only child, is now 16 years old.

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