P Valley Season 2 Episode 2: When Can We Expect Its Release? Potential Plot

The hit strip club drama series is back! What a way to let the audiences meet some of their favorite characters. The show with its female protagonists, came back with its season 2 on 3rd June 2022, the feedback & response from the viewers has been nothing but fabulous. And now since the girls are back with a bang, everyone is eager to know what will happen in the next episode, as the first one made us feel that we are off to a good start, as it revealed what happened after the Murda Night. Here’s what we know about Epiose 2:


The series is about a strip club called the Pynk in Mississippi, it follows the lives of the dancers & workers, the club makes way for rivet & fascination as Autumn is greeted by Mercedes (a dancer) and the mysterious owner of the club Uncle Clifford.

Plot & Storyline

It is a drama show created by Katori Hall, based on her play Pussy Valley. It focuses on those who work in that Pynk strip club, their lives, desires, hardships & the wealth they live in, it offers a deep insight into how people working in this profession navugate through life, without telling us if they’re right, wrong, moral, or immoral. It has a progressive & interesting premise, with black women at the center stage.

Season 1 recap

The season introduces us to the duality of life that the main characters live. It makes us meet Autumn, who is running way from her treacherous past & arrives to Chucalisa by bus, where she participates & wins the “booth battle” & Uncle Clifford impressed by her offers her a job in the strip club but Mercedes (the Pynk Club’s dancer) thinks otherwise. She is prepared to leave the strip club after a decade, & chase her dream of opening a dance studio, she has everything prepared, but at the last moment her mother steals all her money & the space to make a church which infuriates Mercedes, she gets into a physical fight with her mother & is arrested for the same. The other employees in the strip club Keyshawn & Gidget, while making good money from their work, live a dark, traumatic personal life. One of Gidget’s performances go viral & makes her famous in Chucalisa.

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Uncle Clifford falls for a rapper named Lil Murda, who wants to keep their relationship private & acts like he is dating Miss Mississippi online to hide the fact that he’s gay, after sometime they break up, Autumn while still struggling to leave behind her past also falls in love with Andre Watkins who by profession is a real estate agent planning to buy Pynk, however she later finds out that Andre is already married.

In the finale we see Autumn who’s real name is Hailey, following her ex Montavius to the paradise room, as he finds out that she is Chucalisa, they both argue why she robbed the money she earlier stated was in the bank, she told him that she left because he was abusive & put his gang above everything else. She tells him that he is the reason why her daughter Autumn died, trying to escape his assault & lost her life in a flood.

Mercedes helps Hailey to fight Montavius as he has intentions of killing her. Sensing the mayhem Uncle Clifford bolts towards the room with his gun, firing three bullets resulting in blood splatter on the floor, the next scene shows us Uncle Clifford, along with his grandmother along with other members of Pynk in its auction, which concludes with Hailey buying Pynk utilizing Montavius’ funds, permitting the run of Pynk. While celebrating their win, Uncle Clifford informs Hailey that they’ve gotten away from the murder & there’s nothing to worry about.


The strip club drama stars Parker Sawyers, Elarica Johnson, Nicco Annan, Brandee Evans, J. Alphonse Nicholson, and Shannon Thornton as the lead cast. New additions include Whisper and Roulette, played by Psalms Salazar and Gail Bean.

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Season 2 Episode 1

Owing to the  Covid-19 pandemic the business is enduring losses, trying to be battled with the opening of a drive-thru strip club called “Pussyland”. It attracts a number of customers, but not enough money is being generated, in addition to that the club is unable to get a PPP Loan as it doesn’t qualify as an essential business. Hailey thought Montavius ‘ money will be sufficient to keep things going, but Uncle Clifford informs her of the opposite, she is spending most of the residual money to maintain the business, the costs are rising & to get away from a murder isn’t a cake walk, she took a part of the capital as her fee.

In the meantime, Lil Murda is shown to have kept working on his music, the pandemic decelerate things but as things are seeming hopeful with the systematic curtailment in restrictions, he plans on commencing a tour probably.
For Keyshawn her life’s duplexity seems to have grown, with her becoming a social media celebrity due to her live shows, but her abusive husband Derrick has become even more toxic, keeping an eye on every move of hers & adding to her roadblocks.

Eventually, Keyshawn took a risk and snuck out under the guise of buying pampers for their baby so that she could go see Diamond. Apparently, she’d reached out to him repeatedly since Murda Night to apologize for what happened. Diamond has not been receptive — and still wasn’t, refusing to even allow her inside since she didn’t have on a mask.

Keyshawn sneaks out to meet Diamond, stating that she’s going to but pampers for their baby when Derrick questioned her, she apologized for whatever happened at Murda Night, but he isn’t ready to forgive. He then talks about why he raised his hand on Derrick. She then spoke to Lil Murda agreeing to do a short tour with him.

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Andre is back in town because of his godfather’s demise after struggle with Covid-19. He met Hailey, their meeting was fleeting, but there was still a spark between them. His godfather has plans to open up a casino on which Andre seems to not be working on, also knowing that Uncle Clifford won’t ever agree to sell Pynk,  refuting that Mayor Wayne Kyle prompts him that Pynk’s owner now is someone else.

Episode 2 Release Date

An array of questions still persist regarding what happened? What’s going to happen now? Will Hailey be manipulated into selling Pynk? With all these doubts the fans are looking forward to the next episode’s release , we have a confirmed date, I.e., 12th June 2022.

Episode 2 Preview

The title to the second episode reads “Seven Pounds of Pressure”  which will depict Pynk’s biggest night after the lockdown, if this will be the night that again boosts their business sor not we’ll see. While Uncle Clifford has also seemed to reach a good place, achieving a personal breakthrough.

Potential Plot

The promo shows us the re- opening of Pynk with a grand night, talks about missing the normal nights of the strip club, Montavius’ ring lying around in the open, being propositioned to sell Pynk in exchange of half a million dollars & a physical brawl.
What will happen will be exciting to see as the people in the club are riddled with serious decisions & intense actions to take.

Where to watch?

 P-Valley is a Starz exclusive show there and can be watched also on Starz.com

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