Is Kenny Logan Suffering from Prostate Cancer?: BBC Breakfast Reveals!

Former Scotland international and spouse of BBC journalist Gabby, Kenny Logan, has disclosed that he underwent prostate cancer treatment earlier this year.

Logan, 50, spoke about his condition on BBC Breakfast with his wife. He said that during a wellness check, he was advised to have his prostate tested because of high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. A biopsy later revealed “something” to watch out for.

Logan emphasized that “the important thing [the consultant] stated to me was that “40% of your friends have this [something and will live with it], they simply aren’t aware of it.”

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He subsequently received a prostate cancer diagnosis in February. Logan revealed that he had surgery to remove his prostate, saying, “It was a great shock.

Logan said he was astonished by the news because he had no symptoms and claimed he was now “95%” back to normal. “I failed to anticipate it… Logan continued, “I had to look for it. I consider myself really lucky “.

Between 1993 and 2002, Logan earned 70 Scotland caps. He played with Wasps for seven years, winning the Premiership with them in 2003. Logan subsequently played for Glasgow and London Scottish before retiring in 2005.

Social media users who watched Logan’s interview praised his guts for disclosing his problem in public. In contrast, others who saw it said they will schedule prostate consultations after hearing about Logan’s experience.

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Gabby Logan Tweeted

Later, Gabby Logan tweeted: “Kenny Logan’s desire to share his experiences from this year makes me proud. You guys above a certain age should not wait for symptoms to appear. Get examined now. #prostatecancerawarenessmonth

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According to Prostate Cancer UK, one in eight men will develop prostate cancer, and those over 50 are at an even greater risk.

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

According to the NHS, these are the symptoms you should be on the lookout for:

  • Needing to Pee More Frequently, Often During the Night
  • Needing to Rush to The Toilet
  • Difficulty in Starting to Pee (hesitancy)
  • Straining or Taking a Long Time While Peeing
  • Weak Flow
  • Feeling that Your Bladder Has Not Emptied Fully
  • Blood in Urine or Blood in Semen

It is important to note that these symptoms do not always mean prostate cancer.

The NHS adds that men’s prostates get larger as they get older due to a non-cancerous condition called benign prostate enlargement.

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