Not As Good As Barbara Streisand: Beanie Feldstein Fired From “Funny Girl” on Broadway

Beanie Feldstein was “basically fired” from the Broadway production of “Funny Girl” before abruptly leaving the play on Twitter in a move that “blindsided” officials. This differs from her initial statement, which stated that she resigned because she disliked the project’s current course.

Only four months into a one-year engagement, Feldstein, who played the title role of Fanny Brice, made the announcement on social media on Sunday that she will leave the show on July 31. The insider claims that even after she was fired, the production was still taken aback when she announced her resignation and her intention to stop working after July 31.

Beanie Feldstein 'basically fired' before quitting 'Funny Girl'

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“Once the production chose to take the play on a different path, I took the extremely tough decision to move away sooner than anticipated,” Feldstein, 29, said in her bridge-burning post. It seems that Lea Michele, her replacement, was the “direction” instead of her.

According to a source, producers lost interest in Beanie Feldstein as a result of unfavorable reviews of his performance and a drop in ticket sales, and they stopped supporting Beanie. However, the executives did not appreciate it when the celebrity herself declared she was leaving.


According to a source, “The social media post was her resignation after being fired.”Feldstein, according to a source, “certainly doesn’t care,” adding that making the post was a bad idea.

Beanie Feldstein 'basically fired' before quitting 'Funny Girl'

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However, one source claimed that the production was aware. Producers would not be notified through email of the date of her final performance, and the information would be made public in any case.

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Another Broadway insider claims that the “Booksmart” actress ought to be the one who feels “betrayed,” not the other way around.

According to the source, the whole creative team built a brand around a new kind of Fanny for a new generation. They have now turned against her and accuse her of being the cause of the show’s failure.

It’s not that Beanie is a talentless person, a source claims. “She’s not at fault. She had a terrible role.”Feldstein has big shoes to fill because Barbara Streisand created the role of Brice. Feldstein is a gifted actor who was miscast, according to the source.

According to the New York Post’s review of the revival, Feldstein “barely muddles through the beloved tunes” and does not give a “Broadway-caliber performance.”

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