Lionel Messi’s Wife Pens Emotional Note After Argentina’s FIFA World Cup Triumph in Qatar

Antonella Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife, expressed her gratitude to her husband for instilling in her the importance of “never giving up” in a note that she penned shortly after Argentina’s victory over France in the World Cup.

Antonella Roccuzzo, who is married to Lionel Messi, just shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “CHAMPIONS! I don’t even know where to begin.. the pride that we feel for you, @leomessi, is bigger than words can express. We are grateful to you for instilling in us the importance of never giving up and fighting till the very end.

“We are aware of what you have endured for so many years and what it is that you have desired to obtain!!! Let’s go Argentina.”

In the same way as Maradona did in 1986, Lionel Messi was able to dominate a World Cup competition for Argentina. He scored seven goals and took on the task of guiding his side out of those dark moments after they suffered an unexpected loss to Saudi Arabia by a score of 2-1 in the group stage. He led them to victory.

Messi was the first player in a single edition of the World Cup to score in the group stage and then in every round of the knockout stage.

He played in the spirit of Maradona, who was Argentina’s all-time leading scorer, and he combined his dazzling skills with an aggression that is rarely seen. This helped Argentina win the championship.

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Messi was in scintillating form from the beginning of the final, scoring the first goal of the game from the penalty spot after Angel Di Maria was fouled and then playing a part in a flowing team move that resulted in Di Maria scoring the second goal of the game after 36 minutes. Argentina took the lead 2-0.

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Mbappé, on the other hand, remained unnoticed until he erupted into life by scoring two goals in a span of 97 seconds.

The first goal was a penalty kick in the 80th minute, and the second goal was a volley from just inside the area after a quick exchange of passes. Both goals sent the game into extra time tied at 2-2.

Messi still had a lot of energy left, and he was able to score his second goal in the 108th minute by tapping the ball in after a defender for France had cleared the ball just after it had crossed the line.

There was still time for Mbappé to score another penalty kick when he was called for a handball, and he did so to send the tense match into a shootout. Argentina was on the verge of winning the championship for the second time.

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Lionel Messi, the talisman of Argentina’s national football team, has made the announcement that he will continue to play football for Argentina after the team wins the 2022 FIFA World Cup by defeating France. This news is likely to bring a sigh of relief to the millions of football fans around the world who follow the sport.

According to Goal website, he informed TyC Sports that he will not be retiring from the Argentina national team. “No, I’m not going to retire from the Argentina national team,” “I want to keep playing at a champion level for as long as I can.”

The legendary player from Argentina added that he had a gut sense that this would be the year that he would take first place in the competition.

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Lionel Messi, the talisman of Argentina’s national soccer team, played in his final World Cup game on Sunday, and Argentina came out on top to win the title. It was a tightly fought final.

Argentina was victorious in the championship match by a score of 4-2 on penalties after the score was tied at the end of the second half of extra time.

After a thrilling final at Lusail, which saw the legendary striker’s World Cup dreams turn into reality following a 4-2 win over France in penalties, Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball, the honor given to the best player of a FIFA World Cup. This is the honor given to the best player at a FIFA World Cup.

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