Lionel Messi World Cup Instagram Post has Become Most Liked Post Ever

Lionel Messi, an Argentine soccer superstar, has won his first-ever World Cup, and he now now has the post on Instagram that has received the most likes of any photo in the history of Instagram.

The previous record was held by a photo of a brown egg that was posted in 2019, but as of Tuesday morning, this post has more than 62 million likes, breaking it.

One day after Messi led Argentina to its first win in 36 years, he posted a gallery of his celebration soon after his team beat France in penalties. This victory came one day after Messi led Argentina to its first title in 36 years.

The first picture of him shows him laughing and smiling while he is holding the trophy for the competition. Other pictures show him rejoicing with his teammates and having fun during the post-game ceremony.

He wrote, “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!” in the caption of the photo.

“We demonstrated once more that when Argentinians work hard together and we’re unified, we’re capable of achieving anything we set our minds to,” he added. “We showed that we are capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to.”

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“The value of this group, which was more important than individualism, is that we all battled for the same dream, which was also the dream for all Argentinians…and we achieved it!!!”

It took a little over a day for the post to accumulate 62 million likes, indicating that it resonated with Messi’s fans and beyond.

The popular egg Instagram photo from January 2019 received 56 million likes, which allowed it to temporarily overtake Kylie Jenner’s previous record for the post with the most likes.

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Concerning Lionel Messi and the rest of the Argentina national squad, they arrived back in Buenos Aires early on Tuesday morning. After arriving from Qatar, they were greeted like heroes by thousands of adoring supporters who lined the streets.

After Sunday’s triumph, the Guinness World Records said that Messi smashed four additional records in addition to the record for the Instagram post with the most likes.

He has the most World Cup appearances as a captain (19), the most “Man of the Match” awards won at the World Cup (11), the most overall World Cup appearances of any male player, and he has appeared in more World Cup tournaments than any other male player. He is the first person to assist at five different World Cups (5).

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After winning the World Cup, the Argentina squad celebrates its victory by returning to Buenos Aires.

Messi has since surpassed the record formerly held by the World Record Egg, which was an image of a single egg and earned 55.9 million likes. Messi’s post has received 56 million likes since it was published.

On January 4, 2019, the picture was shared to Instagram with the description “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. ” This was done only for the purpose of breaking the record. Surpassing the previous record, which was set by Kylie Jenner and stood at 18 million. We’ve got this!

What Was that About an Egg?

The last most-liked item was, in fact, an egg, and it was an egg that held the title.

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People were encouraged to interact with the picture in the hope of dethroning Kylie Jenner, who was the record holder at the time. When it originally emerged, it gave the impression of being some kind of protest vote against celebrities.

The make-up mogul previously held the record for most likes on an Instagram post with her photo from 2018 announcing the birth of her daughter Stormi, which has since amassed a total of 18 million.

Jenner broke the record for becoming the first woman on the social media platform to reach the milestone of 300 million followers; Messi also accomplished this feat.

Okay, But That Doesn’t Explain Where the Egg

There was a great deal of conjecture regarding the identity of the person operating the Instagram account known as @world record egg as well as the means by which the account was able to rapidly accumulate such a large number of likes.

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Some people said it was a marketing ploy from a large company that had bought followers, but a British advertising executive named Chris Godfrey has since claimed that he and two others created it, and that their sole purpose was to get as many likes as possible. Chris Godfrey is a member of the advertising industry.

However, despite the fact that the egg beat Jenner’s record (57 million and counting), it has already been surpassed by a competitor who holds a number of world records in his own right: Lionel Messi.

After the conclusion of the World Cup, Guinness World Records published a list of records that were broken by the winner. The list included the fact that Lionel Messi had surpassed Lothar Matthaus of Germany to become the player with the most World Cup matches played (26), as well as four other records:

  • 11 – the most “Man of the Match” accolades in World Cup history
  • 19 — most appearances at the World Cup while serving as captain
  • 5 is the most times any male player has participated in a World Cup competition.
  • The first player to record an assist (on a goal) at all five World Cup tournaments.
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Messi now has an additional record to add to his collection as a result of the success of his most recent gallery on Instagram.

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