Maxi Jazz, Faithless Singer Passes Away at the Age of 65

The death has occurred at the age 65 of Maxi Jazz, who was the lead singer of the dance group Faithless.

The band said the following on their Facebook page on Saturday: “We are heartbroken to inform that Maxi Jazz passed away last night. He was a man who altered the course of our lives in a great number of spheres.

“He provided our song with the appropriate meaning and message.

“He was a wonderful person who had time for everyone and possessed wisdom that was both profound and approachable. Working alongside him was not only a privilege but also a very enjoyable experience.

Rollo, Sister Bliss, and Maxi Jazz were the band’s founding members when it was established in 1995 as Faithless.

Their debut studio album, titled Reverence, was issued in 1996, and both “Insomnia” and “Salva Mea” were certified multi-million sellers upon their respective releases.

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With the release of their second studio album, Sunday 8PM, in 1998, the band firmly established themselves as a significant force in the world of music. The album featured the international smash song “God Is A DJ.”

The band announced the singer’s passing in a post on Instagram, saying that he “passed away quietly in his sleep.”

According to what was written, “He was a fantastic lyricist, DJ, Buddhist, magnificent stage presence, car enthusiast, unending talker, gorgeous person, moral compass, and genius.”

“Rest in peace sweet Max. 1957 to 2022, and we would like to express our gratitude to the Faithless family for all of the affection they have shown us throughout the years. Please be careful and look out for one another, okay? like Max would constantly say.”

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Dave Pearce, another DJ, expressed his sadness at the news that Maxi Jazz had passed away. Since the middle of the 1990s, Faithless have been an iconic force in UK dance music, and their music has had a profound impact on the lives of many people.

Maxi remained a warm, cool, and pleasant soul throughout the entirety of their spectacular journey to stardom. He was the poet of dance music. Our prayers are with his family and friends. RIP.”

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“A nice guy, again who has gone too soon, but finally, Maxi, you can get some sleep,” UB40 stated in a statement. R.I.P Maxi Big Love UB40.”

DJ Mista Jam was quoted as saying, “I only saw him in real life once, but he was the nicest dude and had such an aura about him.”

His comments and performances had an impact on a significant number of us, and we will miss him deeply. Sending my love and best wishes to @thesisterbliss and the rest of the @faithless family. Rest in Power Maxi Jazz.”

Boy band 5ive member Ritchie Neville, who is also a member of the band, said, “We’ve lost an icon of our time.” He expressed his sadness and thanked the musician for providing him with “one of the best house tracks ever” during his adolescent years.

He went on to say that he was heartbroken. He continued by saying, “It’s time to sleep, legend. I want to thank you for being motivational.

The Crystal Palace football club released a statement saying that they were “mourning the passing of great musician” and added that the players “will walk out to Faithless on Boxing Day in tribute to him.”

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Pioneers of the Dance Music Scene and the Band Faithless

Jazz, whose birth name was actually Maxwell Fraser, made his debut in the year 1957 in south London.

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In 1995, he had an instrumental part in the formation of the band Faithless, which is most famous for the club standard “Insomnia.”

Jazz remarked in an interview for the year 2020, “If I had a pound for every time someone’s come up going, ‘I can’t get no sleep,’ I’d be living on the space station” in reference to the song, which at the time was at the top of the dance charts in a number of European countries.

Throughout the course of their lengthy partnership, the band issued a total of six additional studio albums in addition to a number of compilation albums. Rollo and Sister Bliss were two of the other primary members of the band.

The song “All Blessed,” which the band released in 2020, is their most recent offering.

However, Jazz, who was also the leader of the band Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys, is likely to be most remembered for Faithless’ earlier singles, such as the club hit “We Come 1,” which was released in 2001.

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