Specials Singer Terry Hall Dead at 63

The death has occurred of Terry Hall, the main singer of the English ska band The Specials. He was 63.

After a relatively short battle with sickness, Hall passed away on Sunday, December 18, according to a statement that was issued by The Specials on Monday.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Terry, our beautiful friend and brother and one of the most brilliant singers, songwriters, and lyricists this country has ever produced,” the band wrote on Twitter. “Terry was one of the most brilliant singers, songwriters, and lyricists this country has ever produced.”

“Terry was a fantastic husband and father, as well as one of the most kind, hilarious, and honest individuals who ever lived.

His music and his performances captured the very essence of life — the happiness, the agony, the humor, the struggle for justice, but most importantly, the love — and he did it so beautifully “The statement went on in this manner.

“Everyone who knew and loved him will mourn his passing terribly, and he will be remembered for the extraordinary music he created and the tremendous humanity he possessed.

At the conclusion of The Specials’ uplifting performances, Terry would frequently leave the stage by chanting three words: “Love Love Love.””

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Hall was an original member of the punk-ska band The Specials. The Specials rose to fame in the late 1970s with their breakthrough single “Gangsters,” which was taken from their self-titled debut album.

Hall was one of the band’s founding members. This album featured several of the band’s most popular songs, including “A Message to You Rudy” and “Too Much Too Young.”

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Additionally well-known are the songs “Ghost Town,” “Do Nothing,” and “Stereotype” that were performed by Hall and The Specials.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Hall, Lynval Golding, and Neville Staple, who were also members of The Specials, parted ways with the group and went on to form the band Fun Boy Three.

Later on in his career, Hall served as the frontman for a number of bands, including The Colourfield and Vegas, before reuniting The Specials in 2008.

In addition to his current wife, Lindy Heymann, and their son, Hall is survived by two children from a marriage he had with a previous partner.


In 2019, Hall stated the following to the magazine The Big Issue: “When I spend my evenings listening to politicians give their opinions, I can’t help but be amazed by the mess that has been created and think to myself, “I don’t necessarily trust any of you, actually.”

“It is quite unfortunate. I was raised with a strong affiliation to a political party, specifically the Labour Party. Before Tony Blair appointed Noel Gallagher as prime minister, I had a clear understanding of where I stood politically.”

His distraught bandmate, Neville Staple, led the tributes to the singer and said that he knew Hall “had been unwell” but that he “didn’t realize how gravely until recently.”

Along with a photo of the two of them in black and white, Staple tweeted the following: “The news of Terry Hall’s departure on Sunday brought a heavy burden of sorrow upon me.

“Sugary was the name that was given to (my wife) as we entered Egypt. We have only just completed the process of confirming certain collaborative music deals for 2023.

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“This has a significant impact on me, and it must be quite challenging for Terry’s wife and their family.

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“During this tremendously trying time, Sugary and I would want to offer our sincere condolences to each and every one of them.

“In the world of music, people go through many highs and lows, but I will always cherish the wonderful memories of Terry and I making history fronting The Specials and Fun Boy three together.”

The tweet “Dreadful news” was sent out by the musician Midge Ure.

Jo Whiley, a radio host and DJ, also paid tribute, writing: “The terrible news Have been a supporter from the beginning. There are so many of Terry Hall’s songs that I’ve loved at various points in my life. Specials. The third in line of fun. Colourfield.”

Rowetta, a member of the band Happy Mondays, made a reference to the singer’s affection for Manchester United in a song she wrote: “One of the most iconic frontmen to ever perform with one of the most iconic bands.

“And a stunningly good-natured and genuine gentleman. I’m going to miss his music, his honest post-match analysis for United, and his messages.”

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