How to Easily Facetime on An Android in 2022!

Video calls can be made using Apple’s Facetime service. This built-in program allows for video and audio calls over the internet on the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and iPod touch gadgets. Additionally, you may use cellular data to video chat with iOS users while you’re on the go and remotely.

FaceTime can be used with up to 32 individuals (including your team), provided they own an iOS device or a Mac. Users can only make FaceTime calls if they have an active internet connection.

Apple prefers to limit the availability of its apps to the iPhone and iPad to stop people from moving to Android. Because of this, Apple, for example, did not make iMessage available on Android.

In order to allow users to exchange music, videos, websites, and other media with other callers during a call, FaceTime on iOS 15 includes end-to-end encryption and SharePlay. FaceTime for Android users won’t let users access Apple apps, but they should be able to use third-party apps.

A FaceTime call cannot be started if you do not own an iPhone. Even so, if you need to help someone else with the initial steps, we’ll walk you through how to share a FaceTime link from an iPhone or iPad. Following that, we’ll describe how to access the FaceTime link on Android or Windows.

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Creating An Invite Link For FaceTime

Your device needs to have iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 installed in order to share a FaceTime link. If iOS 15 is not already installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can do so now. Apple will release a public beta of the beta later this month; as of right now, only developers can test it.

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Once you’re done, launch FaceTime. The app should have a Create Link button at the top. The following choices will show up when you tap that:

Add a name: To help visitors identify the link, give it a descriptive name, such as “Chat with Mom” or “9 AM Meeting.”

Share destinations: When you select the share button, a list of alternatives will appear, including Apple Messages, AirDrop, Mail, and other messaging services like WhatsApp.

Copy link: Choosing this option will copy the link to your phone’s clipboard so you may manually share it with others.

Sending an email or text message to a specific recipient or set of contacts to share a link with is as simple as doing so. Really, it’s quite easy! Now let’s discuss Android.

On Android, How To Use Facetime

You should click the FaceTime link that your iPhone-owning friend, relative, or coworker sends you. When you click the link, you’ll be redirected to your usual browser, where you’ll be asked for your name. Type your name and click the Continue button.

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You’ll be added to the FaceTime call after doing so! As well as switching between the back and selfie cameras, concealing footage, and muting the audio. You can still use the service even if you won’t have access to the same menus that your host has on their iPad or iPhone.

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Android Users’ Face Time Restrictions

Even while Android users can now participate in FaceTime calls, as was previously said, they don’t have access to the same functionality as iPhone or iPad users. Even if all fundamental functions are available to Android users, there are some restrictions, such as:

  • Starting a call from an Android device is still not feasible. Android users are only able to join a call after receiving an invitation link from an iPhone or iPad host.
  • Users of the iPad and iPhone can share their screens during FaceTime calls, but Android users cannot.
  • If I wish to use FaceTime on an Android device, I can only do it using the Safari or Chrome browser on my Android device.
  • You cannot join a Facetime call without an iPhone or iPad user’s permission, even after clicking the link and taking the aforementioned steps.
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The Final Verdict

This article covered how Android users can now participate in FaceTime calls over a web browser. Only after Apple’s most recent upgrade, iOS 15, is it feasible. Even though there are some restrictions for Android users, this is still a fantastic upgrade from Apple that deserves to be praised.

A dedicated FaceTime app for Android, however, is still viewed as being a superior choice by some. However, in truth, neither Apple nor Google have any immediate plans to create such an app for Android.

As a result, utilizing Facetime on an Android device at this time solely involves a web browser. In addition, if an Android user wishes to join a FaceTime call, he must first acquire an invitation link from an iOS user; otherwise, he has no choice.

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