Flashlight Video Projector App: Download, Features and More!

A multimedia program created by Flashlight Projector is called Flashlight Video Projector. This free program functions as a portable projector for all the media files kept on your mobile device, as the name suggests. With this, you can project your films and photographs onto any wall to see them on a bigger screen.

Flashlight Video Projector also enables you to display your screen in addition to your images and movies. With this, you can use a bigger screen to view movies and even play games. However, it takes a long time to initialize this feature. Even worse, the app’s functionalities occasionally stop functioning altogether.

The Flashlight Video Projector advances the concept of the portable projector. By enabling you to project your videos and photographs onto any surface, including walls and floors, it transforms your smartphone into a projector. Since the software makes use of the Android Photo Intensity Variable Motor, it may be used on any smartphone equipped with a camera and flashlight.

The app is simple to use. When the app is launched, all of its features are visible. The image gallery can be projected as the initial choice. When you tap the button, your gallery app will open, allowing you to select the picture you want to project. Your gallery videos can be flashed using the same procedure. But keep in mind that projecting is time-consuming. The software even crashes occasionally.

Projecting your screen is your third choice. The screen will display whatever you are doing on your phone in real-time. With this, you can play games, stream movies, and even do presentations using your phone. As was previously said, initializing this function takes far too long. It frequently malfunctions, just like the picture and video projection functionalities.

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flashlight video projector app for android

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Favorable Features of A Flashlight Video Projector

Flashlight Video Projector transforms your smartphone into a projector, replacing traditional projectors that are too heavy and bulky to carry about. You may travel anywhere with your own projector thanks to this ground-breaking technology.

You may project several types of multimedia, including videos, with the aid of the app Flashlight Video Projector. You may project your photos, videos, movies, and other media onto a surface using this application. You can also use this tool in a professional situation to streamline your presentation during a meeting.

Most cell phones can use this app, which is absolutely free to use. Because you won’t need to purchase a projector or any other additional equipment in order to use this software, you’ll wind up saving a tonne of money.

Download: Flashlight Video Projector APK

System Specifications

The app must be installed on an Android device. It is advised that you download this software on an Android 5.0 to Android 9.0 smartphone with a flashlight.

Is the App Up To Par?

Flashlight Video Projector appears to be a useful smartphone app based on its description. With it, you have a projector that you can take with you wherever you go. Additionally, you can project your media files onto any surface. Although the software is simple to use and contains valuable functions, it is too unstable. Its functions frequently don’t operate. It’s not something you should pick up.

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