39 Security Flaws Are Fixed in iOS 15.6 for iPhone

With the release of iOS 15.6, Apple has patched a whopping 39 security flaws, some of which are very serious. It’s imperative that you install iOS 15.6 as soon as you can because it’s been a long since the last iPhone security update—iOS 15.5 was released two months ago.

According to Apple’s support page, one of the bugs fixed in iOS 15.6 is an Apple File System (APFS) hole identified as CVE-2022-32832 that may allow an app to run code with kernel privileges.

A problem in AppleAVD that can allow a remote attacker to execute kernel code has also been resolved in iOS 15.6. The iOS 15.6 iPhone update also fixes bugs in WebKit, ImageIO, GPU Drivers, and IOMobileFrameBuffer.

In order to encourage as many people as possible to upgrade their iPhones before hackers can access the details, Apple withholds a lot of information from its security update notes. Since there isn’t much information about the fixes in iOS 15.6, it’s a good thing that none of them have been exploited—that is, utilized in actual assaults on iPhones.

iOS 15.6 18 Security Issues

Why You Should Update Your iPhone to iOS 15.6 Right Away

Watchers had been waiting for iOS 15.6 this week, but since the iPhone manufacturer often pushes out upgrades on a Monday or Tuesday, some people had assumed the update would be delayed until the following week.

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It’s not true, but updating your iPhone to iOS 15.6 as soon as you can is still a smart idea. Upgrading your iPhone is a no-brainer as iOS 16 draws closer because updates are for security and bug fixes.

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According to independent security researcher Sean Wright, it’s critical to update to iOS 15.6 “when you can.” An “attacker might chain many vulnerabilities together to potentially obtain complete access to the device remotely,” he claims, is one of the dangers presented by the problems resolved in iOS 15.6.

Don’t freak out, though; according to Wright, the likelihood of this actually happening is “quite minor.”

A bug in Settings that kept saying the device storage was full even though it wasn’t was fixed in iOS 15.6. Another bug in Safari that might cause a tab to revert to the previous page was also fixed.

This Fall, iOS 16—the following significant iOS feature update—should go live. You can upgrade your iPhone in the interim by downloading and updating iOS 15.6 by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone. That will make sure your iPhone is as secure as it can be before the release of the following significant feature upgrade.

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