Buying Medical Cannabis Seeds in Bulk: A Complete Guide

You’re about to make a huge legal move. You want to purchase cannabis seeds in large quantities. You’ve undoubtedly already invested a significant amount of money, time, and effort building up your indoor or outdoor facility and securing the required licenses. It’s a significant investment. The most crucial factor that will determine whether you succeed or fail, make a profit or a loss, is getting the appropriate seeds.

Here is a checklist of things to think about before you make that vital, decisive move.

The Cost Trap

It is obvious why cheap bulk seeds are appealing. Everyone enjoys a good deal. maximize profit while minimizing investment. Sell high, buy low. But it’s possible that this is just a false saving.

Avoid buying those bulk seeds that sound too good to be true. It most likely is.

The seeds themselves will determine if your efforts will be rewarded despite all the work you put into putting up your facility. It may sound obvious, but if you put low quality in, poor quality will come out. Did you cut corners with your lighting, soil, ventilation, or hydro setup? Therefore, don’t skimp on seeds.

buy medical cannabis seeds

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Ask some important questions to the source and to yourself. Are the seeds labeled? Do you know or are familiar with the breeder? What is their exact origin? If it matters to you, were they created organically?

There is a reason why bulk seeds are inexpensive. Cheap seeds will probably raise your cultivation time and expenditures if you don’t understand genetics.

They are more likely to be frail individuals who are more prone to illness and infestations and less able to repel them. The best buds won’t come from them. They won’t provide the thick layer of trichomes you’re looking for, and the potency and terpene profile will suffer.

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Quality genetics are less likely to become hermaphrodites, which will not only result in a garden that is healthier and produces heavier yields. It all comes down to yield, and the provenance of your seeds will determine your prospects of a large harvest and, thus, a larger income.

Never buy in bulk on a whim. Never make a purchase based just on pricing. Long-term consequences will cost you money.

Think of The Strain

When purchasing in bulk, don’t just choose your personal favorite strain. Think about the strain in light of your growing environment and methods. Look for a variety that will flourish in the environment you have in mind.

buy medical cannabis seeds

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Even if it can be challenging to predict the weather these days, what are the anticipated weather conditions if you’re growing outdoors or under cover outdoors? If your autumns can be harsh and you frequently have early frosts, you might want to explore auto-flowering plants, seek for a variety that is adept at resisting mold, and consider the final height.

You want your plants to be as simple to manage as feasible if you expect to cultivate hundreds of them.

Outdoors, for example, a grower could be imprudent to use a classic, landrace Sativa. In addition to being able to reach heights of 12′ or more, they are infamous for finishing slowly. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you should avoid harvesting heavily in November. After the autumn rains, you can harvest anything that isn’t rotten.

Look into the varieties that thrive indoors if you’re growing them. Watch out for the height after stretching once more. A full grow room is what you want, but not a maze-like jungle.

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And consider your customers or clients. Who or what are they looking for if it’s a dispensary? What can they tell you about the things that entice their clients? Ask them about the shelf appeal. Are they searching for CBD or THC? What degree of strength? This is a company. Grow products that consumers will buy.


You overspent on your purchases. Of course, there is no need to squander those additional seeds. Cannabis seeds can last for years if they are stored properly.

All you need for relatively short-term storage (up to a year) is some uncooked rice, an airtight container, and a cold, dark location.

Use a vacuum-sealed bag inside of an airtight jar to store seeds for a longer period of time, then place the container in the fridge.

Find a Reputable Supplier

Now for the practicality of buying. You require a dependable and respectable source. Preferably one that has been in operation for a long time and collaborates closely with the greatest breeders. That is what Expert Bulk Seeds offer.

They take well-liked, prize-winning genetics and enhance them, concentrating on potency, visual appeal, aroma, taste, therapeutic benefits, and THC and CBD concentrations. All of this is accomplished using only organic, natural fertilizers and insecticides.

When it comes to purchasing from them in quantity, unlike many other suppliers, customers who want to buy between 100 and 2,000 seeds have access to the whole spectrum of their premium inventory.

buy medical cannabis seeds

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They offer established strains including Girl Scout Cookies, Sherbert, and Sour Tangie in their “Cali Collection,” in addition to a variety of timeless bestsellers.

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Expert Seeds would be thrilled to talk about your requirements after years of providing excellent service to clients who purchased in bulk. They also specialize in discreet shipment to all corners of the globe, and you can pay with bitcoin for even more privacy.

And if you need more than 2,000 seeds, just get in touch with them and they will stock up for you because all Expert seeds are stored in ideal circumstances and none are ever left over.

There is also a clincher. Currently, you get one seed free for every bulk purchase of seeds. They are the identical seeds you ordered, which makes that offer even better. No outdated or unsold strains.

No weak, over-crossed hybrids. For instance, if you order 1,000 Gorilla x White Widow seeds, you will receive an additional 1,000 free of charge. Now that’s a really alluring offer from a reputed supplier with high genetics.


The quality of the seed is the single most crucial factor in the success of bulk growth. Avoid falling into the cheap-looking trap of price shopping.

It’s a waste of money. You’ll pay for it afterward.

Find out which strains are best for your particular environment by doing some research.

research together with the customer. What is the dispensary looking for?

Do make sure to choose a trustworthy, established supplier. Do not be afraid to ask them any questions. A good genetics source will be pleased to assist.

Check out their deals only after that.

To sum up, believe the professionals.

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