Cannabis. Dangerous drug or universal plant?

In this article, we will analyze what cannabis actually is. Hemp (cannabis) is a psychotropic plant, where the active substance is tetrahydrocannabinol.

We used to think that it is only a drug, BUT what did we think before?

In the 1940s and 1950s, cannabis was fully cultivated in the USA and the USSR. And in the US, they could even issue a fine if you did not have a cannabis plot.

How and where was it used?

In the production of medicines

  • With anorexia
  • With multiple sclerosis
  • For nausea from chemotherapy
  • With psychosis
  • For different types of muscle pain

Who banned it and why?

In 1916, the US Parliament suggested that by 1940 there would be no need for deforestation, since all paper could be made from hemp.

This did not sit well with many oil tycoons because hemp would take the lion’s share of the market.

One of the opponents of the use of cannabis was Andrew Mellon, at that time one of the main people who owned oil in the United States. Over time, he appointed his nephew Harry Anslinger to head the federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Substances. Later, for greater influence, William Hirst was connected, he bought paper for his newspapers, where propaganda was later carried out.

Together they organized a black PR campaign against marijuana. As a result, they managed to pass a marijuana tax bill in the US Congress. It turned out that honey. hemp was banned altogether, and industrial hemp was taxed too high. In simple terms, a few oligarchs have banned the whole world from using one of the most useful plants on the planet.

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Cannabis in history

In Indian mythology, there is a belief that Shiva himself used cannabis: the deity was called the “Lord of Bhang”. Bhang is a hemp dish. Shaivites used the plant for mystical inspiration for religious purposes. For example, there were practices of using cannabis to “liberate the soul from bodily fetters and a possible meeting with ancestors and gods.” In Ayurvedic medicine, cannabis has been used for centuries to improve appetite and sleep, combat pain and nausea, and achieve a state of euphoria.​

There is an opinion among historians that there is even a mention of cannabis in Homer’s Odyssey: Helen, the daughter of Zeus, brought wine mixed with a medicine called nepenthes (νηπενθές) to Greek soldiers. According to the description, it helped to forget about pain and ailments, to extinguish quarrels and anger. “Nē – Penthés” literally translates as “no – I’m burning.” Homer’s text says that the medicine comes from Egypt, which means that it could very well be cannabis or opium.

The scale of distribution of the plant was enormous – for centuries it was cultivated in Africa, America and even in Russia. Hemp has been cultivated in our country since the 9th century. It was mainly used for household needs, for the manufacture of vegetable oil, fabric, ropes, marine ropes and canvas. In the 20th century, the plant was often added to medicines – sleeping pills, painkillers, sedatives and laxatives. In the 1930s, Russia ranked first in the world (996,000 hectares) in terms of the area under cultivation of commercial hemp.

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