6 Reliable Methods for Properly Storing Cannabis Seeds

Since cannabis has been made legal, many individuals are choosing to use it both recreationally and medically. Customers can choose from a wide variety of Cannabis products on the market to meet their demands.

Notably, some consumers would rather grow their own cannabis than buy it because it allows them to witness how the seeds grow and spares them the expense of doing so frequently.

You can choose from a variety of cannabis seed strains based on your interests and tastes. You might choose to buy female cannabis seeds, albeit you might decide not to plant them right away. For beginners, it may be difficult to know the best methods for storing seeds, however, there are many, including;

A Glass Jar

Glass jars are a good option for buyers who wish to store their seeds for a long time because they prevent any water from entering the container. The gorilla skittles auto flower with 20 thc can be kept in great quantities in the jars due to their big diameters.

how to store cannabis seeds long term

To control humidity, you can put a desiccate pack inside the jar. Additionally, cotton balls can be used to separate the pack from the seeds and remove extra moisture that might harm the seeds.

You can preserve your seeds for a long time by tightly capping the jar or covering it with an opaque piece of fabric.

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Paper Bags for Mail

You can put your Cannabis seeds in envelopes to store them for a brief period of time. An ordinary mailing envelope can be used. The covering should be thick, though, to shield the seeds from light.

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how to store cannabis seeds long term

To keep the seeds dormant and stop them from sprouting, you can store them in a dark area free of light, which is a catalyst for germination. Additionally, you can write the name of the strain, the date you started storing the seeds, and the duration of storage on the envelope.

You can add rice or buy a desiccant pack to control humidity to make sure your seeds are extremely safe within the envelope. To preserve the envelope from being damaged by inclement weather, you must keep it inside.

Plastic Bags

Mylar bags can be used to keep your seeds for a very long time if you don’t want to use a glass. To make sure the seeds are in the right humidity and that no light can enter the bags, you should make sure they are thick and get a desiccant pack. Your seeds are safe since the bags are resistant to extreme temperatures.

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Bags with Vacuum Seals

You can also keep your cannabis seeds in vacuum-sealed pouches as an alternative. They are fully airtight, protecting the seeds from any oxygen interaction. Many seeds can be stored in vacuum-sealed containers.

The vacuum-sealed bag can either be used on its own or put into a tiny container. Your seeds will dorm for the required amount of time using either approach, which is efficient.


Your seeds will last a very long time in the refrigerator. You must, however, take precautions to prevent seed deterioration in your refrigerator. You must place your seeds in plastic bags resistant to cool temperatures before storing them in the refrigerator.

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how to store cannabis seeds long term

Notably, consumers must make sure that no light can enter their refrigerator because this could injure the seeds.

Jar of Storage

Your cannabis seeds can be temporarily kept in a storage container with an airtight lid. All of your seeds can fit in a range of pot sizes. Additionally, you may label the pots with the names of your strains to make it simple to tell them apart.

In order to prevent heat from damaging your seeds, you should preferably store the storage pot in a cool location. Cotton and a desiccant pack are other options for humidity protection for seeds. The pot shouldn’t allow any air inside because doing so would prevent the seeds from going dormant.

You Can Keep Your Cannabis Seeds in Other Ways.

  • Your Seeds in The Ground. Although It May Sound Unusual, Drying Your Seeds Before Planting Them Will Allow You to Store Them. the Storing Method Is Made Possible by The Low Temperature Underneath.
  • A Plastic Bag. You Can Use Ziplocs to Temporarily Store Your Cannabis Seeds.
  • In a Cool, Dark Basement: If You Don’t Have a Refrigerator, You Can Store Your Seeds There.


There won’t be much of a storage issue if you don’t want to keep your feminized cannabis seeds for a long time and use them right away. However, it is still preferable to store them out of direct sunlight.

In that situation, if the temperature and humidity are suitable, a dark closet will suffice. You can utilize any of the aforementioned methods to store your seeds in order to reap the rewards of cannabis cultivation in the future.

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However, you must make sure that variables like heat, light, and humidity do not harm your seedlings. You can look at more techniques for preserving your seeds. Experts in cannabis gardening can also assist you to determine the best approach to storing the desired strain.

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