The Cracks of Survivor Season 42 Episode 4 Surprising Facts!

The title of Survivor Season 42 Episode 4 is “The Vibe of the Tribe.” As with the title, the episode matched all the criteria. Every participant had no idea about the tasks, so everyone was shocked. The one and the only team that was together on a serious note was Taku. The cracks of Ika and Vati were brilliantly clear.

Daniel finally opened up regarding the tribal council. He conveyed that it was a misfortune, and Daniel didn’t involve much in the debate. He also said he trusted Chanelle wholeheartedly, but she screwed up his trust.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 4

Chanelle conveyed that Daniel was the one who tried to throw Chanelle under the bus. And also, she talked about the Mile’s idol. This broke the bond between Daniel and Mike. Hai tried to convince everyone and get things back to normal. Mike and Hai tried to make affiliation with Lydia. Daniel stitched himself with the narrative, but Chanelle demanded him to vote for Lydia. Daniel is the only one who trusts Chanelle’s narrative.

Reward Challenge

Post the immunity challenge; the tasks were tedious. No water was given to the contestants throughout the entire week.

Jeff Probst announced that it’s exhausting and complicated. Three members were accustomed to a braided rope. The game is that the members should clear up the rope and halter it across the sled filled with balls. And members have to pull it. Then each member should land one of the balls on the basket. The prize money is also huge.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 4 the vibe of the tribe

Taku is the group where the whole team effortlessly grows their efficiency. Taku went through the problems aimlessly, and Jeff explained and wondered how the tribes lived here.

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She added, saying that Taku’s Goliath is Jonathan. Hai called him, mentioning Thor. So, this made them cross over the difficult challenge of the previous week. And Jonathan is the only reason for the win of Taku. The group is out of some vibe due to Ika and Vati’s performance.

At the Beach:

Maryanne conveys that she got annoyed when Jonathan described their team, and Omar agreed. Moreover, Jonathan confirmed that he is not enjoying the way everyone calls him “Goliath.” But also, he mentioned that he was glad.

Immunity Challenge

Maryanne used another advantage in the immunity challenge. And no one will vote for her till she utilizes all her gifts.

The immunity challenge comes with the boat. Two members were tied up to the ship, and they should swim by carrying the other two members in the boat to the tower. And once they reach the building, two members should climb up to the tower and jump off from there to get to the platform where two keys were placed. Keys are the ones that unlock the puzzles.

Omar and Maryanne started the puzzle. At the same time, Ika’s puzzles were done by Drea and Swati. Everyone tried to win by putting in their strenuous efforts. But Taku won the game. First, Vati was second, and Ika came third.

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