Standing up Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

The series from the maker of the mega-hit show Call My Agent, which gained traction, numbers & critical acclaim across the globe, will not be returning with a second season; the show has been terminated.

There is bad news for viewers who enjoyed the French show Standing Up, as the French magazine Les Incrockuptibles’ has revealed that the show will not be coming back. The show’s first season came out on March 18th. Sadly, the creator of Call My Agent didn’t strike a chord with the audiences when it comes to Standing Up; it is considered a failure of a show, with it not being able to make it to the Top 10 globally.

Standing up Season 2
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The show had managed to secure its place for 20 days in Netflix France’s overall top 10 and 26 days in their TV top 10.

Besides Netflix France, the show spent a mere day in the top 10s in countries like Luxembourg, Belgium, South Korea, and two days in Morocco. The show didn’t perform very well. From what Les Incrockuptibles’s Oliver Joyard wrote, it can be gathered that even after keeping in mind the critical acclaim the show brimmed with & the fantastical beginning, the show even being prepared “two-thirds” has been dropped by Netflix. Every talent & crew member has been released from their duties, with their contracts also perishing.

Standing Up was a dramedy revolving around the struggles of stand up comedians in Paris; the show’s cast included Mariama Gueye as Aïssatou, Younes Boucif as Nezir, Elsa Guedj as Apolline, Olivier Kissita as Vladimir, Eva Rami as Wanda, Samir Decazza as Stand-upper, Gabrielle Cohen as Stand-upper, Hugues Jourdain as Stand-upper Ahmed Shawky Shaheen, Jean Siuen as Bling among others. Even after such an exciting premise, the show has become one of the many French shows covering the stories of the upper echelon to be axed by Netflix.

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