Is Thor appearance confirmed in the guardians of the galaxy 3?

As we are all in the improvised phase, the most considerable fascinating place people are speaking about is the marvel cinematic universe. News says that numerous varieties of great projects are coming on their way from Marvel. This consists of movies and also series, especially the contents on Disney+. The highly expected movie for fans is James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which got delayed because of the director’s firing. People wondered about the appearance of Thor in the Guardian of the galaxy 3, and fans expected him to appear in the Avengers: Endgame event also. But currently, Chris Pratt has confirmed all the doubts about Thor appearing in the movie in the recently released event. 

Avengers Infinity War Thor Guardians Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor met recently and had a fun vibe among the heroes of the motley group in Infinity war. So, people started hoping that Thor, the god of thunder, would enter the movie and appear as a guest actor. But when a journalist questioned Chris pratt about this event, he confirmed that Thor would not be appearing in the guardians of the galaxy three or any upcoming three quels

Also, the star-lord actor conveyed that Thor’s appearance in guardian 3 is not yet shot, and there is no confirmation regarding his appearance. Fans fiercely want to see the arrival of Thor in the movie. Marvel fans anticipated a scene in the guardians three, in which Chris Pratt acted as Thor. They have huge hopes to see Thor with significant screen time. And the actor Chris Pratt flamed fans’ hopes too by not confirming it.

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At the event of a press meeting about a new animated movie performed by Chris Pratt, a journalist questioned about his appearance in the guardians of the galaxy vol.3. Chris Pratt anticipated having an idea about appearing in the film, and he kept on giving a hike about his screen time among marvel fans. Maintaining the hype alive among fans to expect his appearance in the film has become his normal response in the press meets. But James Gunn’s next marvel movie has not been shot yet. So, the question about his appearance is not confirmed or clear with the casting team.

The movie got delayed only because Marvel Studios fired James Gunn due to the outrageous tweets a decade ago. That went viral on the internet in the current period. So, the guardians of the galaxy volume 3 are considered to be the original content that represents the first movies in phase 3. And due to all these reasons, the production got a little delayed, and the film’s release date also went up high where it was supposed to be released in 2020 itself. Marvel fans are also aware of the delay in the release date because of the film, a gig helming which Gunn directed.

It is expected to release the Thor: love and thunder before, and Guardians of the galaxy will be released later. It is still unclear about the Thor appearance in the movie, but fans’ expectations are rising high, and they hope that might have reached the ears of the casting team.

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