Gabby and Rachel of The Bachelorette Send One Man Home After He Exhibits “calculated Thoughts”

The stars Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey of The Bachelorette season 19 wanted to get to know their remaining 29 men after surprisingly canceling their first rose ceremony. But since it was raining and they couldn’t have their pool party, they held a pageant where the boys could demonstrate their skills and respond to questions while donning form-fitting swimming trunks.

First up was 26-year-old videographer Logan, who performed The Worm as his talent and responded to Rachel’s query on how his ex-girlfriends would characterize him. He described her as “stubborn, that’s a wonderful word, honest and kind.”

Rachel, 26, inquired after noticing Quincey’s Borat-inspired mankini, “Do you feel like this is something you might feel regularly?”

One of the men performed a headstand, two of the men did juggling, and another man spun a basketball on his finger. Meatball ate it after pouring sauce from a jar onto his exposed chest. When Jacob gave some mortgage advice, Rachel informed the cameras, “I was into it.”

Chris, 30, dribbled a basketball as everyone cheered and stamped their feet in unison.

The Bachelorette: Gabby, Rachel Send Man Home for 'Calculated Thoughts'

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The winners of the pageant—Haven, Logan, Brandan, Jason, Johnny, and Colin—earned a spot at an after-party with Rachel and Gabby, both 31.

Jason was going to spend some one-on-one time with Rachel, but he had something to confess to the flight instructor. The 30-year-old investment banker started by saying, “I feel like I should be forthright, to be honest. “I immediately felt a connection to Gabby when I arrived, and I genuinely think you’re the most sincere, lovely person I’ve ever met. Just wanted to let you know that.”

Naturally, Rachel said in an interview, “I was a little bummed. She discussed Harry Potter and traveling to all 50 states with some of the other men, but this did not make her feel more at ease.

It most certainly wasn’t going in the direction I had anticipated, Rachel said. It appears that these men are simply engaging in polite small-talk conversations similar to those you may have with your cousin.

In the meantime, Gabby kissed 25-year-old realtor Johnny.

However, after speaking with Logan, who complimented Rachel on her bravery, Rachel’s night was saved. However, Gabby and Logan also had a conversation, and Gabby felt that since it was late at night, she should give Logan the rose. Gabby discovered that her fellow Bachelorette, Logan, had been kissed when she spoke with Rachel.

When Gabby learned about Rachel and Logan, she said to the cameras, “My heart kind of plummeted a little bit.” We are requesting, “I believe Logan is playing both sides.”

Rachel was able to present her rose to Logan when Gabby ultimately gave hers to Johnny.


Jordan V. accepted Rachel’s invitation to go on a zero-gravity flight as their first date as the Bachelorette. The drag racer, 27, told the cameras, “Zero gravity worries me.

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The Bachelorette: Gabby, Rachel Send Man Home for 'Calculated Thoughts'

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But he sensed that they bonded once he boarded the plane with Rachel. Jordan V. stated in an interview that “I think today up in zero gravity, we really really developed a connection.” They did, according to Rachel, have “playful chemistry.”

During their dinner conversation, Jordan V. talked candidly about his family and his relationship with his two younger siblings.

When we were younger, we experienced a difficult scenario, Jordan V. said. “My parents separated when I was 13 years old, after all. Many things sort of passed through me. I kind of had to look after my younger sister and brother. I experienced a lot of communication, which accelerated my maturation.”

Although Rachel valued the candor, she was uneasy. “Jordan is just so ideal. He is here for me and is just what I asked for “To the cameras, she spoke. “He is being truthful. But as the day goes on, I increasingly feel as though something is missing and the more I feel it, the more I suppress it.”

Jordan and Rachel moved away from the table so that Rachel could speak with a producer. She bemoaned, “I don’t want to be the one who sends a fantastic guy home.

But she did just that when she was back with Jordan. Jordan V was told by Rachel that she could not have asked for a better companion to share this amazing day with. I don’t want to bring you into next week knowing that I’m not sure if I can really get there with you, but there is just something lacking for me tonight.

The other men discussed their futures with Rachel and Gabby at Bachelor Mansion. Chris even considered the Fantasy Suites in the future.

The mentality coach, 30, told the guys, “For me, it would be a dealbreaker if we got down to the final four, which is where I plan to be, and we went in the Fantasy Suite and had this sexual experience and then the person who I’m most interested in decides that she’s going to have sex with multiple people and feel it out. “That is the circumstance in which I would say, “Okay, I’m out.” Nothing is possible.”

When Quincey questioned Chris about the claim later, Chris responded, “I hold faithful to this.”

Jordan H. was aware of how Rachel and Gabby handled a similar circumstance during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Chris was reminded by a 25-year-old software developer that “this is kind of what occurred last season.” Before Fantasy Suites, during Fantasy Suites, or after Fantasy Suites, would you say it to them?

When Chris expressed his opinions to Rachel or Gabby, they were met with the phrase “it would depend on the situation.”

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Chris was labeled “manipulative” by Nate. The 33-year-old electrical engineer described it as “simply a type of control that a lot of males just don’t recognize that they do that affects good women.”


Gabby went on her first solo date with Nate. Nate referred to their helicopter flight as “without a doubt the finest date ever.” They arrived in a hot pool that was stocked with champagne and berries. In the hot tub, Gabby and Nate kissed each other. She informed him, “This has been extremely good.”

The Bachelorette: Gabby, Rachel Send Man Home for 'Calculated Thoughts'

Nate told Gabby he had to tell her something that was “the biggest part of me” when they sat down to supper.

Nate told Gabby, “I am a father and I have a wonderful young girl who is 6 and she is my everything. The moment she spoke “Dad” for the first time, a hole in my heart suddenly burst open.

About her daughter, Gabby probed Nate more. He described her as being similar to coffee in human form. She mostly reminds me of myself, I suppose.

Nate’s friendship with his daughter was something Gabby told Nate she valued because she and her father had a tight relationship. The nurse recalled her father as having a significant influence on her life. “I don’t really get along with my mother. That, in my opinion, contributes significantly to who I am now.”

In front of the cameras, The Bachelorette questioned if she was prepared to become a mother. “I began to wonder, “Am I there yet? Can I have children? Do I desire this kind of life?” said Gabby. However, I am not required to decide that now.

Nate enjoyed spending time with Gabby. He informed her, “Meeting you has been one of the greatest days and times.”

Gabby presented Nate with a rose after she too sensed the connection. She said, “I didn’t know what to expect bringing you here. “I felt incredibly good. The finest thing I could hope for in a relationship is to hear you talk about your baby and see you be able to show her this unwavering love that will last a lifetime.”

Nate and Gabby danced the night away in the foyer of a railroad station.


Rachel was unsure when she arrived at the cocktail party.

She admitted to the cameras, “I definitely had a more bumpy start to the week.” “At this stage, I had expected to have more males with whom I was eager to develop a relationship, but with many of them, I’m still at the beginning. What if I don’t win their favor?”

The Bachelorette: Gabby, Rachel Send Man Home for 'Calculated Thoughts'

Personal trainer Mario grabbed up the Bachelorette and performed squats while holding her as he led Rachel through a brief workout. In response to Gabby’s first impression rose recipient, Rachel said to the cameras, “I do think that I may feel something for Mario.”

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After playing a basketball carnival game with Tyler, who claimed to have a similar game on the Jersey Shore, Rachel and Tyler shared a passionate kiss.

Quincey, Jordan, and Hayden came up to Rachel just as she was beginning to feel better about the evening. Quincey, a 25-year-old life coach, said to Rachel, “I wouldn’t want you to not know something.”

Jordan then continued what Chris had just mentioned regarding Fantasy Suites.

This week, Chris was discussing Fantasy Suites with a few guys, and throughout his conversation, he repeatedly remarked, “If I made the Fantasy Suites and if they had slept with anyone, I would walk out and quit,” as he told Rachel. “I just said, “Would you bring this up before?” as a result. And he was unable to respond to the query.”

The Bachelorette: Gabby, Rachel Send Man Home for 'Calculated Thoughts'

It was clear that Rachel did not enjoy what she heard. In an on-camera interview, she stated, “To hear it being brought up before I have a conversation with someone is genuinely practically my biggest dread.

Gabby learned the knowledge from Rachel. I’m really surprised, Gabby remarked. “Chris and I haven’t even spoken once, so it’s just absurd for him to be talking about Fantasy Suites at this point. It strikes me as being extremely dictatorial and dismissive of our trip.”

Gabby decided to speak with Chris directly at Rachel’s suggestion, so they drew him aside for a conversation. Do you think it’s suitable to discuss Fantasy Suites at this time, then? Gabby questioned Chris.

Chris replied, “I believe it’s an appropriate thought. Because, in actuality, I tend to think everything through to the finish and then be able to go backward from there if I were going to be able to find love.

Rachel intervened. She said to Chris, “I think the issue I have is, they were suggesting that if you were in a Fantasy Suite, that if Gabby or I decided to have a sexual relationship with someone else, that you would just go and you wouldn’t ever tell us that it was an ultimatum for you.

Chris outlined his justifications. I wouldn’t want to be in a position where the person I was interested in was having a sexual relationship with someone else and then me, I said, exactly as I said it, he said. “I wouldn’t be interested in maintaining the relationships in that case. I’m not taking away anyone else’s choice, and I would never want to do that to a woman.”

Chris’ “calculated ideas on Fantasy Suites are very inappropriate at this time,” according to Gabby, who didn’t share Chris’ perspective. Chris acknowledged that it was unlikely that he would get the chance to speak with each of you individually but yet expressed his desire for the opportunity.

Chris was told by Gabby that she believed it was time for him to leave because Chris seemed to have rather firm opinions.

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