Floribama Shore Season 5- Things that we know so far!

We all do make some room for a little crazy once in a while when it’s all raw, especially when it comes to entertainment. That’s what Floribama Shore has been for its viewers, not just an escape from reality but a deep dive into other people’s real lives and relationships. The show was released in 2017 as a successor to the hit reality shows Jersey Shore. It followed the lives of eight young adults who live together during the summer on the Gulf Coast in Panama City Beach, Florida. It has amassed a lot of fan following and attention. Its fourth season came out on February 25th, 2021. It is making fans even more eager to know now that a year has passed whether there will be a fifth season of the reality TV Show or not. Here’s all the tea!

Renewed or not?

There is no official confirmation or authorized information about Floribama Shore Season 5 being canceled or renewed. Since its fourth season, the makers have gone radio silent, not revealing anything about the show’s fifth season, leaving all the fans hanging. The latest update came earlier this year, with speculations around the shooting to have commenced, and there was chatter that the fifth season would come out in early 2022, which seems to have passed, and still no notification or announcement.

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What Happened in Season 4?

The cast reunited after an 18-month interval; it was a huge emotional thing. Feelings and emotions were expressed, they talked, shared some stories, and finally, the old vibe was brought back. Codi and Candace got engaged, and Nilsa revealed her pregnancy. There were new entrants as well with Josh and Lenns. After being introduced to them, the group hung out together in a car and were caught up in a crash, it wants severe or lofe threatening in nature, so no one got hurt, and they all made it back safe and sound. The season ended with a baby shower being organized for Nilsa, and everyone, despite all their issues with one another, putting every complication between them on the backburner, enjoying and celebrating the good news with smiles, tears, and hugs.

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Potential Plot for Season 5.

Floribama Shore season 5 will unravel and bring about a whole set of conflicts and scores left unsettled. Infidelity accusations, relationship troubles, complexities, and a lot more. Differences never got a proper closure with season 4, leaving fans waiting and hooked for answers to the thousands of questions and confusion in their minds.


With Nilsa announcing that she is pregnant, it can be assumed that she won’t be returning for the fifth season. With Codi and Candace “s engagement, their show participation seems highly unlikely. Candace also disclosed in an interview that she had landed an acting gig in a film. So it looks like she will be moving on.

Kortni Gilson will also not be reoccurring if there is a new season to Floribama Shore. She left the show adducing to mental health reasons and is currently working as a mental health advocate. 

Apart from the exits, we don’t have any other information about the cast for the new season.

Where to watch?

Floribama Shore Season 5 and other seasons can easily be accessed online. The show can be streamed on Paramount+, fuboTV, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. 

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