What We Do In Shadows: FX Renews Vampire Comedy For Season 5 & 6

The acclaimed Vampire Comedy series, is coming back for seasons 5 and 6. With season 4 premiering on July 12th, the two subsequent seasons are all set to release in a gap of a month from season 4.


It is a unique blend of mockumentary, comedy & horror. The series follows the lives of three roommates in staten Island,  who struggle to keep up with their jobs, as they learn to navigate through life on earth, in the modern-day owing to the fact that they’re traditional vampires, it shows us comedic & terrifying interactions with human beings and other supernatutal beings.

Season 3

Created by Jemaine Clement the series came out with its third season on September 2, 2021. In this season Energy Vampire Colin died and was reincarnated as a baby, and saw the vampire roommates disbanding with Nandor, Guillermo and Nadja going their won ways. In the latest teaser the vampires are showing to he partying & taking the house down. Liszlo is attempting to juggle his normal life and parenthood,  while Nandor in the teaser seems to be looking for a hookup. In this season we will be seeing as per the synopsis,  that the vampires will meet with the shocking condition their mansion is in, as they try to enhance and repair their house, Nadja will have an epiphany of her wanting to open a night club in the tri-state area. Nandor will have a love interest & Guillermo will be in a dilemma having to choose between family & friends.

Season 4 cast

Season 4 will have the main cast reprising their roles, Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillén, and Mark Proksch & Kristen Schaal and Nadia’s doll will also return.

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Total Episodes
The total number of episodes the series will contain is ten. This follows the show’s trend of having ten episodes each season. The episodes are titled
EP 1: Reunited
EP 2: The Lamp
EP 3: The Grand Opening
EP 4: The Night Market
Rest of ten six episodes have not been given titles as of yet.

What to Expect?

We can expect all the storyline mentioned briefly to unfold a series of comedy, messy situations & lots of horror entertainment. With Baby Colin growing at a faster pace than normal ones, Nandor and Guillermo’s dynamic evolving or staying the same,  Nadja’s vampire nightclub, meeting an unconventional genie, guets cameos Laszlo’s parenting style etc.

Where to watch?

The first two episodes debuting on 12 th June ET 10. Pm it will be seen on Hulu the day following the linear premiere, the she could then also be seen on star+ in Latin America & Disney+.

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