Emily In Paris Season 3 Release date, Cast everything you need to know

The show created by Darren Star has become a phenomenon. It is one of the most-watched, followed, contentious & berated shows of recent times. With elements like love, comedy, drama, fashion, the beauty of Paris, the newness of life, etc. We met the Character of Emily for the first time on 2nd October, 2020; it was the most popular original comedy on Netflix in 2020, with 58 million people watching it during its first 28 days on the streaming platform. Its second season also didn’t disappoint; it made a place for itself in Netflix’s top 10 when it debuted.

Fans have questions about whether we have a third season or not, and we are happy to let you know that we’re meeting Emily again soon; here’s everything we know about her return. 


Emily in Paris revolves around a girl relocating to Paris as part of her job; when newness comes into her life, it makes way for new troubles, feelings, love, confusion & happiness. It’s a story about how she navigates through life in a beautiful city when her life, in contrast, gets not that beautiful. Questionable choices, lopsided decision-making process, dicey conundrums, tons of entertainment & twists, all the madness unfolding simultaneously is what it deals with. 

Plot & Storyline 

Emily is a young bright American professional working in a marketing firm; her enthusiasm & pleasant attitude towards life goes for a toss as she moves to Paris. She struggled to speak fluent French, had difficulties gelling with new people, encountering creepy clients, and faced workplace hardships. Aa new doors do open for her it isn’t a bed of roses for her as something or the other keeps going in the wrong direction. Even when things appear to be going great, her life gets loaded with drama & meets with several roadblocks. 

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Cast Explanation 

When it comes to the cast of the show, we’re pretty sure that Emily in Paris actor and producer Collins will return as Cooper, as well as series favorites including Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), Park (Mindy), Razat (Camille), Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Julian (Samuel Arnold) and Luc (Bruno Gallery) Lucien Laviscourt. 

It’s unlikely we’ll see Kate Walsh again in season three, but there is no confirmation about her leaving or being a part of season 3.

Whether we’ll see new actors in the show or not is not confirmed, announced, or speculated about at the moment. 

Recap of season 2

Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger. Emily is faced with situations where she needs to choose and decide for herself to go either left or right. And it isn’t like everything is happening in balanced proportions; her life isn’t sparing her mind, as both personally & professionally, things are spinning out of control & trembling. 

At work, Emily’s career is in jeopardy as her boss, Madeline, and her mentor, Sylvie, engage in an intense fight over running the business, which leads her to quit her job & start her marketing firm; she proposes the idea of Emily that she can join her new venture by staying in Paris instead of moving back to Chicago & ascending in her current job. Emily calls Sylvie to express her final decision, but the show ends without letting us know what option Emily chose. 

Things are getting knotted & complex in her personal life as she finds herself in a love triangle between her new boyfriend, British banker Alfie, and her neighbor, Gabriel. After Alfie tells Emily that he has to go back to London for work, he suggests they try a long-distance relationship. On the other hand, Emily realizes that she still has feelings for Gabriel. But when she goes upto his apartment to confess her love, she discovers that Gabriel and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Camille are on-again and have decided to be in a live-in relationship. 

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Release Date 

Netflix announced on Twitter in January 2022 that Emily in Paris has been renewed for a third and fourth season. As of yet, there has been no official statement about the release date of the third season.

Speciation is that Season 3 will most likely be released in late 2022 or early 2023 if it follows the timeline between seasons 1 and 2 


Since the show is still in its making process, no trailer or teaser has been published yet. There is no information about when we will get a glimpse into season 3 through the trailer; we will let our readers know as soon as there is an official announcement. 

Total Episodes.

There has been no information given out by the makers of Netflix about how many episodes season 3 will offer, but as per Seasons 1& 2, which had ten episodes each, it will be safe to assume that season 3 will also have ten episodes 

What to expect?

Season 3 will be life-altering as we will finally know whether Emily will stay back in Paris or head back to Chicago? What will she do now that she knows that Gabriel is back with his ex-girlfriend & they’re going to live together? Things ended on a bitter & heartbreaking note in season 2; we’ll see her choices in season 3 and if she’ll be able to turn her life around & be happy. 

Where to Watch?

Created by Darren Star, the show is created exclusively for Netflix; the subscribers of Netflix can watch seasons 1& 2, & it will be the destination for the third season.

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