Ikea Storage Tips that Work Well for Small Bedrooms

The tiny bedroom you share is a complete mess. Even after tidying up the KonMari method, there are piles of clothing, shoes, and other necessities everywhere. You’re in luck since this condition, known as little bedroom syndrome, is completely treatable. In fact, the correct furniture and accents will immediately clear up the clutter in the bedroom. We looked far and wide to locate the greatest IKEA hacks for putting together a tastefully organized sleeping space to get you started.

Picture Ledge from Ikea

Regardless of your feelings toward folding or hangers, here’s a smart way to arrange the heaps of clothing in your bedroom.

ikea bed hacks for small rooms

IKEA GRUNDTAL S-hooks are used in this IKEA picture ledge hack by the Dos Family to make hanging clothing a breeze. To create, you’ll need to attach an IKEA MARIETORP picture ledge to the bottom of a stainless steel rail from the GRUNDTAL series.

Space Under the Bed

With the help of this rolling under-bed storage box from Curbly, arrange your analog photos, critical documents, and old periodicals. Four caster wheels and two IKEA RIBBA frames make up the main components. This job can be completed by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers in under two hours.

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Hacking an Ikea Kitchen Cabinet

IKEA kitchen cabinets are frequently used to furnish kitchen spaces. But in actuality, the latter can offer practical storage in every space of your house.

For instance, nine IKEA kitchen base cabinets were used to build Noraelli’s lovely platform storage bed from Oh Yes Blog. In addition to freeing up critical closet space, the blogger’s romantic yet useful invention also created a bedroom in the tiny flat.

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Hack for Ikea Wardrobe

ikea bed hacks for small rooms

In need of storage for your bedroom’s lack of a closet? This clever hack was created by Angela of Angela Marie Made. The blogger created a modern farmhouse-inspired armoire out of an inexpensive IKEA closet she found on Craigslist.

Exceptional Storage Wall

A New Yorker without a closet needed assistance from IKEA’s Home Squad to tidy her bedroom. This incredible storage wall was built using rails, racks, shelves, and other IKEA parts and was featured on Refinery29.

The Ikea Shelf Mod

ikea bed hacks for small rooms

You’re out of closet space. Using this clever trick, an ordinary shelf may be converted into a second closet. Simply attach a metal rail from an IKEA hanging system, such as the FINTORP or GRUNDTAL, to a securely fastened, wall-mounted shelf to create the item.

Rast Ikea Hack

If you’re feeling cramped in your little bedroom closet, have a look at Ursula’s IKEA RAST hack at Homemade by Carmona. Her project demonstrates how to make personalized wall storage for about $200.

Brimnes Bed Exploit

Front and center storage options, in our opinion, should be equally adorable and useful. One example is this stylish hack created by the cute team behind One O. Their tutorial demonstrates how to add lovely brass handles to an IKEA BRIMNES storage bed.

Hacking Ikea Thrones

ikea bed hacks for small rooms

Timothy Barrett and his wife created a storage headboard out of six IKEA THRONES cabinets when they required additional space in their bedroom for their infant’s belongings. How they customized their IKEA BRIMNES bed frame is described in this IKEA Hackers lesson.

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Hacking Ikea Billy Bookcase

Uncertain of what to do with the large collection of shoes on the floor? With Tatiana’s Tatiana’s Delights IKEA BILLY bookcase hack, you may have your flats and heels beautifully organized. She claims that the completed project keeps her shoes in top condition.

Hacking Ikea

With this IKEA LURY hack by Kristina at Ich Designer, you may display a collection of items in your bedroom. To hang shoes, handbags, and other objects, the concept makes use of the base of a slatted bed.

Diy Necklace Holder

Your jewelry box is filled with a tangled mass of ornaments and trinkets. The talented blogger behind Broader Borders created this homemade necklace rack to keep strung beads and delicate strands from tangling.

A screw-in hook for each necklace and an IKEA picture ledge like the KNOPPNG or MARIETORP are required for construction. Next, attach the hooks to the picture ledge’s underside. Drill a tiny hole, then twist each hook into place to complete the process. Install your new jewelry rack on the wall after that.

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