10 Quick Rv Hacks You Can Complete in A Couple of Hours

A few simple clever RV hacks here and there can help you appreciate your space even more, whether you live in your RV full-time or only use it on weekends and summer vacations.

We’ve gathered the top RV hacks for things like RV curtains, RV storage solutions, improving the appearance of your RV, and more.

RV Kitchen Modifications

1. Use Peel and Stick Tiles to Create an Attractive Backsplash.

Our friends who live in RVs did this in both the kitchen and bathroom, and it looked just stunning. The room looked more contemporary in addition to being brighter. Similar peel and stick subway tiles were employed. Since we liked the appearance so much, we replicated it in our camper’s kitchen.

rv hacks

It was rather easy to install, and so far it has held steady despite daily use, constant movement, and heat and steam from the stove.
It’s also simple to maintain. It may be cleaned with a simple cleaning solution and is ready to use.

Here is a picture of what it would look like in a typical kitchen, which is one that is not in an RV.

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2. Replace the Kitchen Faucet.

Our RV’s kitchen faucet really turned us off. It was already flimsy, and the handles creaked so loudly that I felt a little irritated.

Todd decided to buy and install a new one, and it was a game-changer. The water flow was better, the handles weren’t noisy, and it had a more modern appearance.

Simply find out which faucets will work with your equipment by doing some study.

3. Utilize Tension Rods to Keep Items in Place

Your RV’s appearance won’t be improved by this hack; all it does is prevent your dishes and cups from flying out as you move. That’s really crucial.

One tension rod was placed in the cabinet housing our mugs on the days we were moving to a different campground. That way, I could be sure they were safe.

To prevent your cabinets from flying open in the first place, you may also bungee rope them. When traveling by RV, bungee cords are a useful thing to have on hand. They’ve been useful a number of times!

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Living Room Renovations

Do you notice that I didn’t call it a living room? We’ve been in several RVs with extremely great living rooms, though. a space that you might genuinely refer to as a living room, with the kitchen and dining areas connected by an open concept, of course. But the only furniture in our “living room” was a couch and a TV stand.

But it worked for us.

Here are a few modifications we made to make it more comfortable and useful.

4. Get an Ottoman that Collapses.

Even before we started our 17-month journey, we bought a collapsible ottoman. We were aware that we required more storage space as well as a comfortable place to rest our feet. It might also serve as additional seating if necessary.

One of our favorite RV purchases was ultimately this.

rv hacks

The ottoman served as our daughter’s clothing closet when she was staying with us. We utilized it for our youngest son’s schoolbooks when she wasn’t with us, as well as for other daily-needs items.

I got a faux-fur rug to put on top to give the space a somewhat more sophisticated appearance. Such insignificant additions contributed to the space’s brightness.

5. Replace the Rv Curtains

Though I wish I had, I didn’t actually do this in the living room. We were only left with the valances when I took down the unsightly side curtain panels. That was a little helpful.

When it comes to your RV curtains, you have a lot of choices. You can install standard curtain rods and drapes from a home improvement store, buy real RV curtains from places like Camping World, or construct them yourself.

A nice article on several curtain options can be found at RV Inspiration. Visit them here to see them.

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6. Use Fabric You Actually Like to Cover the Dinette Cushions.

This option for covering dinette cushions without sewing is fantastic. It was really simple to alter the room’s appearance.

I wish we had completed this task prior to embarking on our trip without a doubt. Because they were so dark, I was always giving those hideous pillows the evil eye.

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Only this single photo I took of our dinette area could I locate. Yes, that was our Christmas tree that particular year. Getting presents under there was quite difficult for Santa, but he managed it!

I would strongly advise using robust upholstery fabric if you do decide to recover them. We frequently ate at our dinette, so the poor-quality fabric would not have withstood use and deterioration. If you have to replace the cloth, you may pay more initially, but less overall.

7. Use Contact Paper to Cover the Table in Your Diner.

Once more, this is an RV hack I wish we had done to clean up the space while living and traveling in it. Using marble contact paper intended for kitchen worktops, a friend of mine covered her dinette table, and the result was gorgeous.

It may be readily cleaned by wiping it down and is waterproof and oilproof.

This RVer covered her table with one of those laminate tablecloths if you don’t want to go the contact paper way. With a stapler, she stretched it and fastened it. As she points out, this isn’t a long-term solution, but she spent just about $11, so it’s not too terrible for a quick refresh and enlivening of the area.

Bathroom modifications for RVs

Five people shared one bathroom in our little vacation trailer. It would therefore be an understatement to say that this area had to really work for us.

In our RV bathroom, storage was definitely a problem. The medicine cabinet and a small amount of space beneath the sink served as the only storage options. We couldn’t actually store much in there because pipes occupied most of the space under the sink.

Here’s how we adapted our RV bathroom to suit our needs.

8. Include a Towel Rack.

For storing towels in an RV, I’ve seen a variety of ideas, including:

  • Installed on the wall is a wine rack (example here)
  • a towel bar (example here)
  • towel bar
  • combination shelf and door hooks (example here)
  • woven baskets (example here)
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rv hacks

We didn’t want to screw anything into our walls, therefore none of these would work for us. They are quite weak, much like the walls of travel trailers generally are, and there are several damage possibilities.

Therefore, we chose huge Command towel hooks, and they were excellent.

I don’t believe I ever had a hook come off throughout the course of our 17 months on the road. We lived in a somewhat humid environment, but I reapply it and had no problems. Additionally, we just recently removed all of the hooks, and they didn’t leave any adhesive residue.

9. Put Your Clean Laundry in The Bathtub.

What individuals did with their laundry was one of my main concerns as I performed a study on living and traveling permanently in an RV. I didn’t want it in the living room or dining area, and our bedroom couldn’t contain it either. then where do you keep it?

I learned that many individuals keep their dirty clothes in the tub thanks to a Facebook forum for RVers.

We did just that, and it was a terrific decision. Two circular washing baskets that we had used as both storage bins and means of transportation for the laundry to the laundry room. The tubs were simply removed when someone needed to take a shower. Very simple.

10. Baskets Are an Ally

In addition to the laundry baskets I had in the tub, we also had baskets beneath the sink, on a shelf in the bathroom, and another basket in the tub for shampoo, soap, and other toiletries.

There are many more RV hacks that I could discuss (and will), but I wanted to give you a short breakdown of some of your alternatives so you may make your space into something you really love. I hope these make your RV look better, feel more like home, and work better for you when you’re living in it or traveling in it.

Do you know of any RV hacks that have proven to be really successful? Please tell us in the comments! More ideas are always welcome.

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