10 Home Improvement Tips for Each Room in Your House

When you find strategies to keep your house tidy, simplify storage, and locate DIY solutions that are convenient and inexpensive, life becomes much less busy. Here are some of our favorite home-related clutch advice.

1. The kitchen

Personalized dinnerware that you can quickly create yourself will give every meal personality. You are not required to possess particular art supplies or be an artist. Simply grab a Sharpie® and draw your desired pattern on your cup or plate (or use a stencil for more elaborate patterns). White, spotless enamelware is functional.

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Your artwork can be made unique by adding a name, a monogram, or even a favorite saying. Bake your finished pattern at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to make it permanent. To help the dishware gradually get up to temperature, start with a cold oven. Hand washing will also extend the life of your artwork.

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2. Family Room

Family rooms frequently serve as both a playroom and a center for entertainment. However, it might be difficult to find space to store all of your toys without sacrificing your classy appearance.

That challenge is met head-on by this hack: Just put your games, dice, and other puzzle pieces in pretty jars. They offer a unique storage option and are entertaining to look at, saving you from having to make room for the big games or puzzle boxes.

To add visual interest and to compliment your decor, use jars in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Apothecary jars, pressed glass jars, etched glass jars, and mason jars are all excellent choices.

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3. The Bedroom

It seems there is always room for more storage, especially in the bedroom. With this hack, you can simultaneously add storage and a beautiful wall feature.

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Simply convert old drawers into shelves right now. For an eclectic effect, use a variety of sizes and shapes. To add more color, line the bottom of the drawers with patterned paper or paint.

A dresser with unusually curved drawer fronts or undulating profiles is something to look for. Advice: Garage sales, resale stores, vintage shops, and estate sales frequently have chests and drawers for sale at affordable prices.

4. The Wardrobe

Fighting through a messy closet to find your favorite pair of jeans can be frustrating. Do not be alarmed if you are not yet prepared to trim your wardrobe.

You can keep all of your wonderfully worn-in pairs using this hack, but in a more orderly way: Use shower hooks to hang your jeans. makes finding your favorite pair easy and saves a tonne of closet space!

5. Restroom

Bathroom hooks are definitely necessary for hanging damp towels or robes, but there’s no rule that says you have to choose plain, functional hooks that lack any decorative appeal. Use old doorknobs as hooks in their place.

This incredibly easy hack maximizes wall space while giving your bathroom a tonne of charm. Use a collection of old doorknobs with somewhat worn-out finishes for a stylish, shabby-chic look.

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6. The Laundry Area

You probably didn’t know that all you needed to defeat dryer static was a little creative thinking and some aluminum foil. It is real! It appears that crumpled aluminum foil can reduce dryer static.

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This is how: When you’re ready to tumble dry your batch of freshly washed laundry, simply place three aluminum foil balls (each measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter) in the dryer. These inexpensive, simple-to-make, reusable for up to 6 months, recyclable anti-static miracles let you avoid the hazardous chemicals found in dryer sheets.

The ideal foil is heavy-duty. In foil, encase a tennis ball. By doing this, you can create a large ball of foil with even less material, and the tennis ball’s tumble motion will help your laundry fluff up as it dries.

7. Home Office

If you don’t know how to construct your own phone stand out of cheap office supplies, smartphone accessories like phone stands can be quite expensive. Binder clips, which you presumably already have at home, are a useful tool in this hack.

Your binder clips can quickly and effectively serve as a phone stand if they are placed exactly so. Simply place the clips back in your desk drawer after using your clever phone stand. Excellent work!

8. Garage

Any true handyman or handywoman’s worst nightmare is rusty tools. Here’s a fantastic method to guarantee that you won’t need to worry about it: If you want to keep your tools from rusting, use blackboard chalk.

Simply add a few parts to your toolset. You have one less reason not to be helpful around the house because the chalk traps moisture that prevents your tools from rusting.

9. Play Area

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With this fantastic home trick, playrooms don’t have to be a messy possibility. Toys or art supplies can simply be stored in an over-the-door shoe organizer. The transparent sections allow for simple access and cleanup. It’s so easy it’s like playing with toys.

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10. The Dining Area

It’s likely that you’ll want to pull out the fine china and silverware if you’re having an upscale party in your dining room. Making ensuring your silver shines and sparkles is necessary.

Here’s how to do it with just some hot water and baking soda. Use foil to line a saucepan or your kitchen sink. Add a cup or so of baking soda and extremely hot water to it. The black residue should start to come off the surface after around 30 minutes of soaking with your tarnished goods added.

To use immediately, simply rinse and dry (or first clean with a little dish detergent)! Dinner has now been served!

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