5 Home Organization Tips from DIY Experts and Household Hacks

Maintaining a clean, orderly home is a difficult task, but it must be completed. However, you can make things a lot simpler than it is with a few tips and tactics. For advice, consult these household hacking professionals.

Despite the fact that these writers are Americans, the advice is not just for American households. The majority of them, including saving money when decorating your home, are universal and relevant wherever in the world.

1. Jillee’s One Good Thing

Jill Nystul is already well-known online because of the tips and tricks that can be found on her site. Her hacks distinguish out from the competition thanks to her straightforward writing style, numerous high-quality images, and detailed instructions.

life hacks for home

Jill offers a variety of resources, including printable productivity calendars and cleaning advice. She also places a lot of emphasis on using natural oils and essences as household cleaners and treatments. You can skip the rest of the fantastic advice and go straight to the Homekeeping category.

Additionally, Jillee now has a YouTube channel where she recreates and/or displays some of her most well-known hacks. However, because it isn’t updated as frequently as the blog, Jillee’s website should still be your primary source for useful information.

2. A Mad House

Do you occasionally feel like the ringmaster of a circus in your own home? One Crazy House’s Rachel Silla Miller can relate. She has spent a lot of time creating household management shortcuts with her six children and is now sharing them all.

There is a tonne of domestic tips that Rachel and her group of mothers may impart to the world. It is broadly separated into DIY projects, home organization suggestions, cleaning advice, parenting guidance, and recipes and meals. However, they are merely broad headers. You might find tricks to get rid of aromas from the kitchen or storage advice to make the most of a little area.

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Join the newsletter if you’re new to One Crazy House. Once you’ve downloaded the free 101 House Hacks ebook, which is a great resource to carry on your phone or print out, you may immediately unsubscribe from it.

3. Thirty Personalized Days

Mique has been blogging about her countless do-it-yourself projects and hacks for the past ten years. Additionally, Thirty Handmade Days is a treasure trove of printable productivity and organization papers.

life hacks for home

Mique has split the website into sections for printables, crafts and DIY projects, parenting, lifestyle, and recipes (all of which are about finding shortcuts or making life easier). In our opinion, the printables area is the best of the bunch. Mique has a talent for creating incredibly practical yet attractive ways to arrange anyone’s life.

Check out the binders section as well if you enjoy that kind of organization. You’ll never feel as organized as you do with this, which includes information on why you should use a binder and a printable binder filled with charts for the entire year. OneNote can help you run your life like a boss if you prefer a digital system.

4. Unclutterer

The company’s motto, “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” sums up its attitude wonderfully. This incredible blog on the organization is a master at demonstrating how to simplify your life.

The crew performs a fantastic job of examining a variety of goods that appear to make your spaces cleaner. Check to see whether Unclutterer has looked at anything before you go to IKEA or get something from Amazon. You may be able to tell whether something is genuinely good or a lemon.

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life hacks for home

In addition to product reviews, Unclutterer probably offers the answer to whatever issue you are facing. Do a Google site-specific search instead of using the poor search option on this page. Write to Unclutterer if your issue is particular, and you might be able to find solutions in the Ask Unclutterer section.

5. Organize and Maintain by House Logic

For the purpose of helping average people buy, sell, or repair their houses, the U.S. National Association of Realtors has created a website. The Organize and Maintain component of the website, known as HouseLogic, contains confidential information from realtors.

The part is further broken down into the following sub-categories: cleaning and decluttering, storage solutions, DIY home repairs, and home maintenance advice. To ensure you find exactly what you want, you can filter the section by room or model.

Don’t own a home? There is a lot of advice for tenants as well, none of which needs installing anything that requires authorization.

To learn more about purchasing or selling a property, getting a mortgage, and other topics, you can also read the entire website. It’s a useful tool for finding out about your rights and avoiding scams involving apartment and condo rentals.

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