Best 10 free streaming sites to watch movies & shows in 2022

The way we watch our favorite television shows and films have changed thanks to streaming services. These, however, do not offer free movie streaming. You must pay a monthly subscription fee.

It might not seem like a significant sum of money at first. However, the fees mount up rapidly when you add up the costs of numerous subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and other services. Furthermore, not all the content you wish to watch is available on these sites.

This explains why many individuals choose to use websites that watch movies for free. Anyone can access and utilize these websites to watch movies online for free. There is no cost to you at all!

We tested the top free movie streaming websites because we think it’s important for people to have options. A complete list of websites where you may watch movies online for free can be found below.

Best free streaming sites 2022

When searching for the finest websites to watch movies and TV series for free, there are several things to consider. The stream’s quality is the most crucial factor. It might be incredibly aggravating to watch streams on numerous streaming websites that are of poor quality.

Choose a website that provides broadcasts of excellent quality. While some websites only provide a small range of content, others provide a large selection. Find a website that delivers the kind of content you are looking for. Before registering for any website, you should also read the terms and conditions of usage.

1. Vumoo

A free streaming platform for movies and TV shows, Vumoo has a simple user interface. Use the search field or the Movies or TV-Series page to find it. Given the quick search tool that offers the currently available titles as you type into the search field, the developers most likely did not see the need for a category page.

2. Crackle

Since Sony acquired Crackle in 2006, it is now occasionally referred to as “Sony Crackle.” Crackle is a relatively obscure free streaming service. This is unfortunate because the site is entirely legitimate and provides a wide selection of movies that are ideal for streaming online. It offers free movies and TV shows from renowned studios like Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, and DreamWorks.

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Sony Crackle is one of the best-looking and most user-friendly free movie streaming services. This is in contrast to other free movie websites, which typically run on a tight budget.

To watch Crackle anywhere globally, you’ll need a VPN to obtain a US IP address because the service is only available in the US.

Although Crackle doesn’t offer a subscription service, the platform’s commercials aren’t too intrusive. From older films to more recent ones, Sony Pictures offers a wide variety of entertainment.

3. Pluto TV

Since Pluto TV is owned and operated by Paramount Streaming as a free, ad-supported streaming service, much of the content made available on Pluto comes from Paramount. There is a lot to pick from, even though it is frequently b-tier or older content, and Pluto is also growing its repertoire with exclusives. The recent addition of a search function has greatly streamlined the viewing procedure.

There are Pluto TV apps for about every device under the sun, including the PlayStation 4, and you can access Pluto TV from pretty much anything with a web browser.

4. Peacock

NBCUniversal’s Peacock service offers tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes, including some exclusive content that isn’t offered on any of these other websites. Studios, including Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features, make the movies.

Trying to find a new show to watch? Start with Peacock’s list of featured movies. Our movies are divided into 90s Movies, Controversial Movies, Celebrating Black-Led Movies, Comic Relief, Rom-Coms, Serious Cinema, Celebrating Black-Led Movies, and 90s Movies. This is a wonderful approach to discover movies from a fresh perspective. There’s no denying that Peacock is one of the top websites for watching free movies and TV episodes online.

5. Tubi

You may watch many free movies and TV episodes on Tubi right now. Many others can be streamed for free, while some are only accessible for rent. Our favorites include the Leaving Soon and Trending Now sections. You can choose from a variety of genres and categories, such as Not on Netflix, Black Cinema, Movie Night, Cult Classics, K-Drama+, and Bollywood Dreams.

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If you have any doubts about why it is listed as one of the finest websites to watch movies and TV series for free. Some of the most recent movies to be added to the website are Shark Bait, Dead Zone, Fifty Shades of Grey, Inception, Groundhog Day, and Friday the 13th. One of the newest features to Tubi Kids is Shark Bait.


You’ve probably heard of IMDb if you’ve ever searched for a movie, TV show, director, or actor on Google. It is a database of movie-related data that can guide your search for entertaining films to watch.

The service’s free streaming platform is IMDb TV. It lets people legally view movies online for free, just like Peacock or Tubi. However, it’s only accessible in the US, so if you want to use it, you’ll need a VPN like NordVPN. IMDbTV no longer has a presence on its own website after its Amazon acquisition. However, customers can still access its library via Amazon.

IMDb TV is not as diverse in terms of programming as Amazon Prime, despite being owned by the latter. It has a much smaller selection of films and TV shows. But that’s most likely the reason it’s free.

7. Fmovies

Another fantastic website where you can watch movies with subtitles without having to register or pay anything is FMovies. All content, including international films and archival TV shows, on this website is multilingually subtitled. You are free to select any language. They’re all SDH subtitles, too. However, for some extremely old films, subtitles in other languages, such as Spanish and Russian, may be accessible instead of English subtitles.

Additionally, FMovies is where you are most likely to locate any movie you’re looking for because it has arguably the largest collection of films and television shows spanning a century and spanning genres and nations. Additionally, this site’s excellent curation makes browsing a pleasure.

8. Plex TV

Plex TV should be on your radar if you enjoy a variety of independent movies, documentaries, b-movies, and classic productions. Along with a sizable selection of on-demand programs and movies, Plex also offers a multitude of live TV channels in various categories, including news, health, and even live sports.

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Plex does not require you to register to watch videos. Still, if you choose, you may use Plex to upload material or access your existing subscriptions, putting everything in one convenient location. Although Plex is accessible outside of the US, less high-quality and quantity content is available elsewhere.

9. Flixtor

Visit Flixtor right away if you want to stream the most recent films available on services like Netflix. The site offers films in various genres, including thriller, action, and horror. Thanks to the website’s user-friendly interface, your favorite movies are easy to find on the platform. As soon as you get to the website, you have two options: search for a certain movie or simply browse the entire site and select any suggestion.


Another great site without ads where you can watch free movies online with subtitles is WatchSoMuch. Oh no, there are TV shows, programs, and documentaries as well.

In contrast to many other websites that offer subtitles for free movies in multiple languages (including English, of course), WatchSoMuch gives users more control over the subtitles by allowing them to upload, sync, and change the style of the subtitles. This makes watching the movie a lot more enjoyable.

However, WatchSoMuch has limitations. Watching one movie after another is annoying because there may occasionally be a three-minute pause. Additionally, you cannot view the 1080P video without signing up as a VIP member. However, to be completely honest, HD quality is sufficient for most users.

Concluding Lines

There you have it—the best places to watch movies and TV shows online for free. When you use these websites to stream or download video content, your privacy and security won’t be compromised.

Additionally, few of these websites demand registration. Simply stream and download as many movies as you like for free!

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