How to See Your Spotify Wrapped 2022 (Guide to Find Your Most Listened Songs and Artists)

The best time of the year has come: it’s time to find out how to see your Spotify Wrapped 2022 and look back on your year in music and podcasts. (And of course, post all the details, even if they might be embarrassing or self-centered, on social media.)

You can finally see what you streamed on Spotify this year, for better or worse, after keeping track of your data for nearly a year.

Also, Spotify has a list of the best artists, albums, and songs from all over the world and from each country. Who was the best artist in the world in 2022? Bad Bunny, of course, is still on top after three years.

In Spotify Wrapped 2022, you can also look at some interesting trend information that Spotify has gathered about patterns that have grown over the past year.

This year, user-made playlists with titles like “feral girl summer” and “coastal grandma” grew by 320% and 600%, respectively. TikTok keeps its hold on music.

Find out everything you need to know about Spotify Wrapped 2022, including your favorite artists, songs, and more, below.

What are Spotify’s New Features For 2022?

With Spotify Wrapped 2022, you get a bunch of cool new features that make your data even more unique. The first is called “Your Listening Personality.” It gives you a four-letter code in the style of Myers-Briggs based on how you listen.

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There are a total of 16 configurations. The categories are Exploration (E) vs. Familiarity (F), Newness (N) vs. Timelessness (T), Variety (V) vs. Loyalty (L), and Commonality (C) vs. Uniqueness (U) (U). Then you’ll get a name, like “The Devotee” or “The Fanclubber.”

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For instance, I am an ENVC, “constantly seeking the next big thing,” and my nickname is “The Early Adopter.” Not angry at all.

“Audio Day” is a new tool that categorizes the types of songs you listen to at specific times of the day. My mornings began with “Creative Light Intense,” my days progressed with “Eerie Gothic Morture,” and my evenings concluded with “Bittersweet Acceptance Heartache.” Nice.

The previous year, Spotify sent 100 unique thank you messages from their top artists to their most devoted followers.

This year, Spotify has expanded its artist pool to 40,000, and customers can get up to ten total thank-you letters. And if you’re a fan of Roblox, there are lots to discover on Spotify Island from some of your favorite artists.

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Interact with Bizarrap, Black Sherif, CRO, Doechii, Eslabon Armada, Miranda Lambert, Niki, Stray Kids, Sunmi, and Tove Lo via photo booths, games, and virtual merchandise.

Who Were the Top Artists of 2022?

Most-Streamed Artists Globally
  1. Bad Bunny
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Drake
  4. The Weeknd
  5. BTS

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Most Streamed Artists in the U.S.
  1. Drake
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Bad Bunny
  4. Kanye West
  5. The Weeknd

What Were the Top Songs of 2022?

Most-Streamed Global Songs
  1. “As It Was” by Harry Styles
  2. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals
  3. “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI
  4. “Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone
  5. “Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny
Most-Streamed Songs in the U.S.
  1. “As It Was” by Harry Styles
  2. “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals
  3. “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy
  4. “Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleone
  5. “First Class” by Jack Harlow
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How Can a Spotify Wrapped be Shared?

How can a Spotify Wrapped be shared? Due to the frequency with which it was shared on personal social media accounts, Spotify Wrapped has become a standard for year-end compilations.

In the past, fans had to take a screenshot of their Spotify Wrapped statistics and then share them on social media. However, Spotify has now made it quite simple to publish your statistics on social media.

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Spotify presents each statistic on its unique card in an Instagram-style format. There is a sharing option available for each stat card. If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can embed the video on your website.

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This year, Wrapped introduced new methods to celebrate your year-end playlist. Fans may also unlock a customized Snapchat lens that represents their Listening Personality, as well as exclusive Wrapped-themed attire for Bitmojis and custom Wrapped-themed GIFs from all GIPHY partners.

At the conclusion of the slideshow, Spotify combines the most significant information from the list, such as your top songs of the year, minutes listened to, and top artists.

To share a playlist, navigate to the playlist and tap or click the three dots followed by the share button.

If you want to spread your passion for Spotify Wrapped beyond social media and into the virtual world, you may do so by creating a Spotify Wrapped website.

Twelve artists, including Bizarrap, Black Sherif, CRO, Doechii, Eslabon Armada, Miranda Lambert, NIKI, Stray Kids, SUNMI, and Tove Lo, are featured in Roblox quests, games, virtual merch, and picture booths inspired by Spotify Wrapped on the mainland of Spotify Island.

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