The Cast of “stranger Things” Including Natalia Dyer Send Robin and Nancy Romance Memes in A Group Conversation.

In a group chat with her co-stars from “Stranger Things,” Natalia Dyer shares romance jokes about Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley.

After the eagerly anticipated “Stranger Things” season four finale aired last week, the Netflix fan site Tudum published an interview with Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, on Friday. In a chat with Ariana Romero, Dyer talked about her character’s romantic life.

'Stranger Things' Costars Share Robin-Nancy Romance Memes

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In the popular series, Nancy Wheeler is seeing Jonathan Byers (Charlie Heaton) right now, but she was previously dating Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). Steve’s friend Robin Buckley is portrayed by Maya Hawke, who joined the cast in season three

Robin comes out to Steve and confides in him about her sexuality as part of her character arc. Nancy and Robin’s friendship deepens in season four as they cooperate to take down Vecna, the main antagonist.

Before giving more specifics, Dyer, 27, remarked, “There are a lot of things going on, and I don’t know if that type of high school romance thing is as essential as anything else.”

“However, I do believe Nancy has certain qualities for both Steve and Jonathan. I also noted that RoNance shipping is prevalent. Nancy having a girlfriend is wonderful. It’s good, “Told Tudum by Dyer.

Dyer then disclosed that “RoNance” memes are shared via a text thread by her, Heaton, Keery, and Hawke.

'Stranger Things' Costars Share Robin-Nancy Romance Memes

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“We actually have a text thread where we chat a little bit about that. We exchange amusing memes about the ship over messaging, “Told Tudum by Dyer.

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The cast believed that people would appreciate Robin and Nancy together, Dyer continued. There are many extremely intriguing perspectives available online because it’s such a humorous place, she remarked.

Nancy Wheeler’s love life has been the subject of rumors, but Dyer and Heaton apparently started dating in 2016 after meeting on the “Stranger Things” set, according to Elle. According to the source, Dyer and Heaton were seen kissing in 2017.

Together, the couple recently traveled to Spain to attend “Stranger Things” season 4 events.

'Stranger Things' Costars Share Robin-Nancy Romance Memes

The fifth season of “Stranger Things” will be the last one. Dyer expressed her desire for a scenario in which Nancy and her on-screen brother Mike (Finn Wolfhard) explain all the mischief to their parents, Karen and Ted Wheeler, to Tulum.

“A great Wheeler scene would be wonderful. I would genuinely adore a scene involving Nancy, Mike, and Karen. She is doing what? She must learn the truth. your folks! Let’s go. Certainly, they must enter there “Added Dyer.

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