What Disease Does Bill Turnbull Have?

William Robert Jolyon Turnbull, an English journalist, and television and radio host who worked in broadcasting for more than 40 years died on August 31, 2022 (25 January 1956).

He started out in the radio industry by working for Today on BBC Radio 4 and Radio Clyde, among others. Before taking on his most illustrious role as one of the primary presenters of BBC Breakfast, a post he held for fifteen years between 2001 and 2016, he had previously hosted BBC News 24 and BBC Radio 5 Live.

bill turnbull illness

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What Disease Did Bill Turnbull Suffer From?

Without a question, Bill Turnbull was best known for sharing a couch with Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast.

During his time on the program from 2001 until 2016, he co-presented with Sian Williams, Mishal Husain, and others. He has also hosted Weekend Breakfast on Radio 5 Live.

On January 25, 1956, William Robert Jolyon Turnbull was born in Guildford, Surrey. He attended Eton College in Berkshire before enrolling at the University of Edinburgh.

Sadly, Bill lost his fight with prostate cancer on August 31, 2022.

When Was Bill Turnball Given the All-Clear from Cancer?

Bill received his prognosis for bone and prostate cancer in November 2017 as he was filming for The Great British Bake Off’s celebrity special to benefit Stand Up To Cancer.

In his 40s and 50s, he had his prostate checked; he hadn’t visited a doctor in four years.

His health was stated to have declined in October 2021. He announced his resignation from Classic FM on October 21, 2021, saying: “Recently, the going has been a little rough.

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“I must set aside some time to concentrate on improving. I’m sorry to do this; I have thoroughly loved the past five years and absolutely love doing the program.

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With Whom Is Bill Turnbull Wed?

bill turnbull illness

In 1988, Bill wed Sarah McCombie. Henry, born in October 1988, and Will, born in October 1980, were raised by the couple together.

A daughter named Flora was also born to them on August 31, 1991. When BBC Breakfast moved to Salford, Bill and Sarah left their home in Buckinghamshire and settled in Rainow in Cheshire.

The family moved to Suffolk in 2016 after leaving BBC Breakfast.

At the family home, Bill passed away, and Sarah read the following statement that was given by Naga Munchetty: “Almost five years after receiving an advanced prostate cancer diagnosis, our beloved Billy went away yesterday evening [August 31, 2022].

“His entire family was present throughout his final week of life, and they enjoyed some truly precious times together. “Even though Bill was in a lot of agonies, he maintained his composure and bravery the entire time, and he remained his normal, unyielding self to the very end.

“Billy always made us chuckle. He has made us incredibly proud. “He was the center of our household. Life without him would be difficult to imagine.”

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