Everything Everywhere All at Once Release Date Announced! 

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a new film that explores the concept of the multiverse. No Way Home uses it to link together three Spider-Man eras, but Everything Everywhere is proving just as popular with reviewers and audiences.

When reviewing Everything Everywhere All at Once, What to Watch labeled it an “intense, chaotic thrill ride.” According to Rotten Tomatoes, both reviewers and moviegoers have given the film a 96 percent rating. When will Everything Everywhere be available digitally? Meet the actors and find out about the recent jabs at Marvel from Jamie Lee Curtis.

Where can you watch it?

`In cinemas, how to simultaneously see all the films you want to see.

The US premiere of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once took place on March 25 in a small number of theatres before being widely distributed on April 8 throughout the nation. As of May 13, the UK has joined the list of countries where the film has been released.

Use the websites of your local movie theatres or a service like Fandango to discover showtimes and even buy tickets in advance.

Everything Everywhere All at Once
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With a movie theatre subscription or membership plan, you may also save money by booking tickets in advance. Movie theatres often provide subscriptions that include fixed tickets per month, reduced individual tickets, and other incentives for moviegoers.

Is everything streaming simultaneously?

No, the movie isn’t available to watch just yet. It’s presently playing in cinemas only before finding its way online. A release date or location streaming service has not yet been announced.

It’s possible that A24, the company, may make the film accessible for a one-night internet viewing as it did with some of its 2021 movies including The Green Knight and Lamb. That said, it isn’t clear whether A24 intends to continue this trend of screening movies in cinemas in the future or if it was only an experiment around the time of their release.

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The Cast

In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), joins Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Crazy Rich Asians) as the star (Halloween). Daniels, the team behind Swiss Army Man, helm the film.

Everything everywhere all at once Trailer

With a cast of Jamie Lee Curtis, Everything Everywhere is an “absurdist dark comedy-drama” by director Dan Kwan that explores themes of mankind and the universe via martial arts and fantasy.`

In a nutshell, Yeoh portrays who finds herself charged with rescuing the universe from annihilation in the midst of her tax preparation. Watch the trailer for Everything Everywhere at Once to see what you’re in for:


Is the Release Date announced?

The digital release date is Tuesday, May 17, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes in HD. Only one month remains till the film is released for home viewing on June 14, 2022. Prior to its general US distribution on April 20, 2022-2, the multiverse movie debuted at (SXSW). A24 has done the same thing in the UK, drawing in fans from all around the world.

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