What Does the Red Heart Snapchat Emoji Mean?

On Snapchat, the red heart emoji (❤️️) next to someone’s name indicates that you have been best friends with them for longer than two weeks.

As you likely already know, Snapchat will display several emojis next to the names of your pals. Each of these emojis has a unique significance. These emojis may also lose their validity and disappear because they are all based on your current activities.

A yellow heart emoji will appear next to someone’s name on Snapchat when you are “best friends” with them.

The yellow heart will change to a red heart if the two of you manage to maintain your friendship for a continuous two weeks.

What Does the Emoji for A Red Heart Mean?

You and your partner have been “best friends” for more than two weeks if you use the red heart emoji. It indicates that you two have continuously snapped at each other the most.

As a result, Snapchat has assumed that you two are close friends.

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red heart on snapchat

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Has the Yellow Heart changed into a red one?

Yes. Only two weeks will pass when the heart is yellow. Snapchat will change the yellow heart to a red one if you and your friend are still close after two weeks.

Consider this: A crimson heart signifies more.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

You must first remove the individual from your list of friends before adding them back if you urgently need to erase the red heart.

However, that can lead to an unpleasant discussion regarding the reason you took them out.

If you have the luxury of time, you may just wait to respond to their snaps until the emoji vanishes.

Another choice is to send numerous photographs to a different individuals until they accept you as their new “best buddy” on the app.

red heart on snapchat

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What Caused the Red Heart Emoji to Vanish?

If either of you starts snapping someone more than the other, the red heart will vanish.

If any of you decides to stop using Snapchat for a few days, this can also happen rather easily. You must continually send each other the most snaps for the red heart to stay.

This and other similar emojis are all based on current events. If any of you “takes your foot off the pedal,” they won’t last.

What Caused It to Return to The Yellow Heart?

This might be a short-term cache problem. Either that or for a brief period of time, one of you became best friends with someone else.

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Consider the subsequent instance.

A golden heart results from your two becoming the best of friends.

For two weeks, you remained the best of friends. The yellow heart consequently changed into a red heart.

One of you became best friends with someone else for a day or two.

You rekindled your “best buddies” status after that. Since Snapchat updated its emojis, it now believes that you and your best buddy have only been close for a short while.

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