12 Mac Life Hacks You Simply Cannot Live Without!

For being able to execute tasks not possible with the normal Windows toolkit, Macs are lauded and adored. But below that sleek, gleaming shell, even the most devoted Mac users may not be aware of every tip and shortcut.

Learning the shortcuts and tricks of your computer can be entertaining, save time, and keep you sane. There are numerous shortcuts available. The following 12 are really fantastic whether you use an iMac, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air for schoolwork or your profession.

The majority are particular to applications and apps you’re using. With five simple Mac life tips, you can be a productivity powerhouse.

1. Use Screenshots to Take a Photo (command+shift+4)

It’s incredibly easy to take screenshots of your screen. You may quickly take a picture of the precise spot or entire window you want to save as a.jpg. This is useful for capturing images that you want to save or share later or for remotely leading someone through a computer operation. You can take a screenshot of the conversation if you find yourself giggling uncontrollably during a humorous chat with someone. Please make good use of this power, not bad.

Mac Life Hacks

With the basic command mentioned above, a crosshair appears that you can move to snapshot only the desired area.

Do you require a photo of the entire window you are working in? Let them go by pressing Command+Shift+4, then press Space to select the desired window.

Want your entire desktop screen, including the toolbar, captured? Press Command + Shift + 3.

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2. Disable the App Deck by Pressing Command+option+d.

When all you need is an extra inch — or centimeter — the 13-inch screen can occasionally feel quite small, and the App Deck can get in the way. By holding the Command+Option+D keys, you can create some room. To bring the deck back, press once more.

Hold Command+Alt+D if you can’t find the Option key on your keyboard.

3. Use Command + K to Quickly Link To A Webpage

The majority of programs, including Gmail, support this. Simply highlight the text you want to link, add your link by pressing Command+K, then press Command+V to paste the URL you want to link to.

4. Use Command+a to Select Every Row in A Table.

This one may sound quite simple, but you’d be astonished (or maybe not) by how many people fail to remember this shortcut and end up picking items like photos or files one at a time.

5. Reopen a Tab by Pressing Command+shift+t.

We’ve all done it—accidentally closed a browser tab without remembering how we got there. You can either use the reopen tab command to instantly open the most recently closed tab or you can navigate through your browser’s history. This is a Chrome shortcut, but since you’re using a Mac, chances are good that you’re already using Chrome.

6. Press Command+z to Undo.

Another straightforward shortcut has probably saved a lot of work if not many lives. Imagine that you just unintentionally deleted a portion of your graduation speech. You halt… That did not just occur!

Do not be alarmed; Command+Z will undo whatever foolish thing you did. Many people only think of this as a Microsoft Word command, however, it functions in almost all programs.

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7. Use Command+space to Lookup The Answers to Your Most Illogical Questions.

Mac Life Hacks

Leave the math problems out. You may enter any number, arithmetic expression, currency, temperature, measurement, or conversion into Spotlight, the “desktop search bar thingy,” and instantly obtain the correct result. By hitting the Tab key, you’ll also get more conversion recommendations.

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8. Use Command + F to Find Text on A Page.

The most efficient use of time. Use this shortcut to quickly and efficiently search the page you’re on rather than playing eye spy each time you need to find something. Enter your search phrases in the small search box that will appear in the top right corner to have them highlighted. Boom!

9. Use Hot Corners to Boost Efficiency

Technically speaking, this is a setting, albeit a significant one. Hot corners are the scourge of your online existence if you don’t know what they are. But once you set them up, they’re invaluable! Certain actions, like as wiping your screen or displaying all open windows, happen when you move your cursor to the corners of your screen. Regardless of what you assign heated corners.

Open the Apple Menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver > Hot Corners to customize your hot corners settings. From the drop-down menu next to the corner you wish to use, choose an action, then click OK.

The whole list of Mac shortcuts may be seen here, however, keep in mind that not all shortcuts are made equal. The following two tips will make your day a little more enjoyable while also saving you a few clicks.

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10. Easily Add Emojis with The Emoji Keyboard by Pressing Command + Control + Space.

These adorable icons aren’t just for your iPhone. Use the aforementioned keystrokes to bring up the emoji keyboard. You can use keywords like “smiley face” or “pizza” to find your favorite emoji.

Mac Life Hacks

The majority of apps and text fields are compatible with the keyboard, so you can breathe new life into almost every block of text in your presentations, emails, and conversations.

11. Option+shift+k for The Apple Icon

The biggest fans of Apple should pick this one. Anywhere in an email, text, or document, create an Apple icon.

12. Modify the Volume in More Gradual Steps.

Okay, so it’s not the most enjoyable hack, but it’s still effective. Normally, your Mac has sixteen levels of volume adjustment.

Shift+Option before pressing the volume key gives you a bit more control when you need it. You may now adjust the volume to fit the situation.

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