5 Controversies Pokimane May Wish to Erase from History!

Over the past few years, Pokimane has become well-known in the online community after being one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. There was certain to be some sort of scandal during her nearly ten-year career, given her extensive background as an internet presence dating back to 2013.

Although there are many issues, some stand out as being more significant than others. There were at least five instances in her career that she probably wishes she could take back from history, whether it was haters spreading accusations that she was doing drugs or a famous video of her using the N-word.

Pokimane May Want the World to Forget About These 5 Issues.

5) the Otv Drama the Fedmyster

Pokimane, a well-known streamer, is also a member of Offline TV (OTV), a group of streamers who frequently release joint YouTube videos. Several OTV members accused one of the members, going by the name of “Fedmyster,” of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and being a manipulative person back in 2020.


Fedmyster responded to Poki’s extremely public pronouncements about the matter by disclosing very private text messages between the two that contained numerous scandalous messages. Poki would wish to completely forget about this incident after such private texts were exposed, some of which were rather sexually suggestive.

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4) Relationship Issues

People Have Tried on Numerous Occasions to Date Poki, Either by Sending Her Boyfriend Applications or By Sending Her Enormous Sums of Money. so It Was only Inevitable that Some Admirers Erupted when It Was Revealed that She Was Keeping Her Romance a Secret in 2020.

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Many Internet Personalities Attempted to Expose Her for Concealing Her Relationship by Implying that She Was Doing It to Appear Single and Thereby Increase Donations. in The Video Above, She Put an End to This Rumour by Explaining that She Keeps Her Personal Affairs Private in Order to Have a Healthy Life Outside of Streaming and To Prevent Privacy Invasions.

Although She Has Said that She Doesn’t Mind that The Secret Is out In the Open Now, She Undoubtedly Wishes that Admirers Wouldn’t Have Sought to Snoop Into Her Personal Affairs.

3) Dmca Removals

Many YouTubers Have Already Created Videos on Pokimane in An Effort to Explain Why She Isn’t as Innocent as She May Seem. Some of These Videos Have Achieved Good Success on The Platform. However, Some YouTubers Asserted that The Removal of Their Videos from The Platform Was the Result of A Dmca Takedown, Leading Them to Accuse Poki.

Poki Acknowledged Taking Down the Films, Explaining that She Did so Because They Were Deceptive and Exploited Her Likeness to Entice Viewers. After the Uproar, She Issued an Apology in Which She Admitted Her Mistakes and Said She Had Made Apologies to The People Who Had Made the Original Video.

2) Charges of Substance Abuse

Poki Had a More Edgy Sense of Humour at The Beginning of Her Career, Which the Online Community Would Later Bring up And Mock. One of The Videos that Many People Have Shared Over the Past Few Years Shows Her Setting up Rows of Cocaine and Sniffing It Through Her Nose, Presumably Abusing the Substance.

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Pokimane Has Often Stated that This Was a Prank and That the White Substance Was only Sugar, Despite Many People Trying to Claim that This Is a True Footage.

She Experienced so Severe Abuse Because of The Clip that She Decided to Make Her Twitter Account Private in An Effort to Stop People from Commenting on Her Posts About It.

Poki Doesn’t Regret the Joke, but Given that It Has only Increased the Amount of Hate She Has Received Over the Past Few Years, It’s Possible that She Might Want to Take It Down from The Internet.

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1) the N-Word

Since It Has Been Re-Posted Numerous Times Throughout Pokimane’s Career, Particularly During the Ji Dion Scandal that Took Place Earlier This Year, This Is Unquestionably the Most Notorious Video of Her that Is Available Online. the Video Is from The Beginning of Her Career When She Had a Less-Filtered Language and An Edgier Sense of Humour.

She Has Expressed Regret for Using the Phrase and Acknowledged Her Error Numerous Times in The Past in Regard to The Video. Since the Initial Call-Out Tweet in 2015, the Tape Has Circulated on Twitter at Least Once a Year Because the Internet Is Split Between Forgiving Her and Mocking Her for Her Prior Usage of The Slur.

This Moment Takes the Cake as The One that Pokimane May Wish to Remove Off the Internet Because It Is so Notorious and Practically Everyone on The Internet Is Aware of It.

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Although Many People Have Regrets in Life, It Is Those Times of Regret that Help Us Become Better Persons. Consequently, Even Though Poki Has Experienced Many Situations in Which She May Feel Embarrassed, These Experiences Have Helped to Mould Her Into the Streamer that She Is Today.

Pokimane Has Clearly Matured as A Result of These Experiences, Whether You love her or despise her for her past.

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