Shailene Woodley’s Debilitating Health Condition! What’s Up With the Actress?

Shailene Woodley reveals that she has had to down projects because she “physically couldn’t participate in them” due to a serious health issue.

Shailene Woodley revealed in a recent cover interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she has been battling a “debilitating” health problem for years.
Woodley said she felt “isolated and alone” due to her sickness and had to turn down jobs as a result.

“It’s incredibly tough for others to relate to the agony that you’re experiencing when it’s a silent, quiet, and unseen anguish,” the actress said, referring to her experience with chronic pain.

“It’s an interesting thing, going through something so physically overwhelming but simultaneously having so many people pay attention to the decisions you make, the things you say, what you do, and how you look,” Woodley said, assuring her followers that she is on the “tail end” of the disease. For a while, it threw me for a loop.

Because of Her Sickness, Woodley Learned to Stop Caring What Other People Thought of Her

shailene woodley illness

The experience “forced me to acquire the extraordinarily difficult life chore of not caring what people thought of you very rapidly,” as Shailene Woodley put it.

As the author puts it, “the more I paid attention to the cacophony that was surrounding me, the longer it was taking my body and mind to heal since I wasn’t focused on myself, I was focused on a picture of myself via the lenses of everyone around us.”

A broken arm or leg are clear signs of physical injury, but “it’s incredibly difficult for people to relate to the agony that you’re suffering when it’s a silent, quiet, and invisible pain,” she added.

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Her admission that “it was really debilitating” was telling. Not because I didn’t want to, but because my health prevented me from, I had to decline participation in several enterprises.

Because I didn’t take care of myself, I endured much more hardship than was necessary. Insisting on going it alone and refusing assistance contributed to growing physical discomfort over time.

Challenges to Her Mental Health

shailene woodley illness

Her physical ailment had an impact on her state of mind as well as her physical condition. She claims that the act of comparison had a detrimental effect on her emotional well-being. Whenever Shailene is forced to interact with others, her anxiety levels skyrocket.

She has revealed extensive unprocessed traumatic experiences from her formative years. She eventually sought help from psychologists to deal with the resulting trauma.

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The Actress Shailene Woodley Has Kept Her Sickness a Secret.

In spite of her forthright demeanor, Woodley plays some cards extremely close to the breast. The illness that she had is a good illustration of this. As a matter of fact, the Endings didn’t occur until the year 2020.

The star of “Beginnings” has said that, early in her career, she was quite ill and in a lot of physical agonies. Even though Woodley hasn’t said what ailment she had, she did discuss it openly in a recent interview.

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