Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV (Solved)

Paramount Plus is an app that lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows whenever you want. It also comes with its own original TV shows, which most people like and love.

The latest version of Samsung and LG TVs come with the Paramount app already installed. This app provides entertainment for users.

But a lot of people are having problems with the Paramount Plus app not working on Samsung and LG TVs and other problems. These problems range from a simple app crash to a black screen and videos that won’t play.

Now, most of these problems can be caused by a technical glitch that can be fixed by turning the device off and on again.

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But if that doesn’t work for you, the problem might be bigger than you think. So, here are some things you can try to fix the problem.

Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

There are a few quick things you can do if Paramount Plus doesn’t work on your Samsung TV. So, here’s what you should try:

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  • Restart your TV. You could also unplug it, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Make sure that the operating system on your TV is up to date. Here’s how to do that.
  • Make sure your Paramount Plus app is up to date. Here’s comes how to update apps.
  • You can also try removing the Paramount+ app and then putting it back on.
  • Last but not least, you can also restart your modem/router.

Error code for the Samsung TV Paramount Plus

If you do get error messages while you are attempting to watch video on Paramount Plus, any problems that you are experiencing can be swiftly fixed by following some short troubleshooting procedures.

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If the Paramount Plus app on your Samsung TV is not functioning properly and you see error codes, you should first determine what the error codes mean and then follow the instructions that are provided to resolve the various issues so that you can once again stream your favorite television shows and movies.

Samsung TV Paramount Plus Menu Is Not Displaying

If you are unable to find the Paramount Plus App in the App Store of your Samsung Smart TV, it is possible that your Samsung Smart TV does not support the Paramount Plus App. This may be determined by checking the compatibility settings of your Samsung Smart TV.

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Because the Paramount Plus App did not become available until 2021, you can assume that your television does not have an up-to-date operating system if it is not compatible with the Paramount Plus App.

Update the operating system on your Samsung Smart TV if the Samsung TV Paramount Plus app is not functioning properly or if it is not appearing on the screen.

To access the menu on the Samsung Smart TV, press the Menu button on the remote. Choose the Settings menu item, then hit the Support button.

You will be able to upgrade the operating system on your Samsung Smart TV after it has successfully detected the new software.

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After the update has been successfully applied, proceed to inspect the list of applications. If the update was performed correctly, you will notice that Paramount Plus has been added to the list of available applications.

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Cause of Sound in My Samsung TV Plus

The significance of watching videos from any application (or any other cable or satellite provider) cannot be denied. It would be useful to have. However, with the image comes the capacity to hear internal activity.

While using the Samsung TV Plus app, some customers reported that they were unable to hear the sound coming from the television, despite the fact that the picture was displaying properly. How can this issue be resolved?

If your Samsung television does not have sound for Samsung TV Plus, you must first confirm that the volume is turned on.

Despite the obvious explanation, some individuals have realized that their television was muted without their knowledge. Simply remove the mute and push the ‘Volume Up’ button.

If you are certain that the television is not muted and the volume is at a level that you should be able to hear, but there is still no sound, you should check the sound settings.

If additional speakers are connected to Samsung televisions, check that the audio output is sent directly to them. If you are utilizing the TV’s internal speakers, you must confirm that they are not disabled in the audio area of the on-screen menu.

If You Have an Android TV

Check to see if the latest software is running on your Android TV device, which could be a smart TV or a device for streaming media. You can do that by going to the settings on your device, where there should be a way to update the software.

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Then check to see if there are any updates to your Paramount Plus app. You should be able to check for app updates on your Android TV by going to Google’s Play Store.

If the app still won’t load or keeps stopping, turn off the TV. You can also restart the device by pressing and holding the Power button on your remote control for 5 seconds.

The Paramount Plus Keeps Going Down

According to the help files for Paramount Plus, you need to force-close the app if it keeps crashing on your device. Then try to open it again to see if that solves the problem. You could also uninstall Paramount Plus from your device and reinstall it.

Check out our guide on how to fix problems with the Paramount Plus app crashing to learn more about how to fix this specific problem. You can find instructions for different devices and platforms there.


The app Paramount Plus is a subscription service that provides on-demand video. And because the app has millions of users accessing it around the clock, there will inevitably be some bugs.

If the aforementioned solutions do not work for you, you can always cancel their service and sign up for one of the many over-the-top (OTT) platforms that provide capabilities that are comparable to those described above.

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