5 Ways to Maximize a Mirrorless Camera

More and more people are using mirrorless cameras. Their lack of mirrors makes them smaller and more portable than SLRs and DSLRs. Despite their size, these cameras can still capture high-quality images and videos, especially since they can take up to 102 MP photos and capture 4K resolution. Because of these superior functionality and performance benefits, the mirrorless camera market is expected to grow by $906.03 million between 2022 and 2027.

If you have already bought a mirrorless camera, there’s a chance that you’re not using it to its full potential. After all, this camera has many features, which can make it challenging to use.

Below, we’ll guide you through maximizing a mirrorless camera so you don’t miss out on its capabilities.

Take advantage of its unique features to take high-quality photos

As mentioned above, mirrorless cameras have many features that are sometimes unavailable in older SLR and DSLR models. For instance, the Sony A7R IV can shoot videos in Full HD (1920 x 1080) or 4K (3840 x 2160). Given this, always go for 4K quality to shoot the best content.

Most mirrorless cameras also have an image stabilization feature, helping you take sharp photos even with shaky hands or when moving. Some automatically have this feature on all the time, while you need to manually switch it on for other cameras. Therefore, check your settings to see if you must do so.

Finally, one distinctive feature of mirrorless cameras is their silent shooting. This eliminates loud shutter noise, which is useful if you are a wildlife photographer, as it won’t spook the animals, or if you are taking photos of quiet sports like golf.

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Customize your viewfinder screen

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Now that you’ve taken advantage of its features, you can gain better access to them by customizing your electronic viewfinder’s screen. This prevents you from digging around in your settings to change the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and other adjustments.

Go to your settings menu to choose which features you want to see on your screen at all times. For instance, if you’re constantly adjusting your ISO, add it to your screen for quick access. Since mirrorless cameras’ unique feature is to preview the resulting image before capturing it, this is a handy thing to accomplish. This way, you’ll make the most out of your camera’s capabilities.

Invest in mirrorless lenses

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Even though mirrorless cameras provide high-quality shots, you can further upgrade your photography by using different lenses. Buying mirrorless lenses helps achieve different photo styles. For instance, a prime lens will assist you in attaining a shallower depth of field. This is perfect for shooting close-up photos of objects, such as food or products, for commercial photography. On the other hand, a telephoto lens supports you in taking close-up shots of faraway subjects—like wildlife.

Some of the top lenses to consider are the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm Aspherical Lens for the Nikon Z and the Tokina SZ PRO 600mm Reflex MF CF Lens for the Fujifilm X. These lenses are excellent at keeping light rays focused on a single point, as well as providing better image stability.

Before purchasing a mirrorless lens, ensure it’s compatible with your camera. Otherwise, you’ll need a lens adapter.

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Make sure to properly light your subjects

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Due to the compact size of mirrorless captures, they can have a harder time capturing light. This can result in darker shots with lots of noise.

Prevent this with a classic photo hacks: embracing natural lighting. Make sure your subject—whether a person, animal, or object—has sunlight shining upon them to increase your chances of getting well-lit photos. You can also use bare and light-colored walls that can reflect light onto your subject.

If natural light is unavailable, use your camera’s flash or bring an external light source—like a softbox light. For product shoots, use a lightbox to help available light bounce onto the items you’re shooting.

Pack extra batteries

Because they are one of the more advanced cameras, mirrorless camera batteries typically drain much faster compared to other models. This can be attributed to the electronic viewfinder.

Therefore, always have an extra camera battery on hand if you plan on long days of shooting or bringing the camera when traveling. Top camera brands such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon all sell camera batteries separately.

Most mirrorless cameras can also be powered by portable USB batteries, like the Sony a6300. Just choose the “USB Power Mode” option in your menu before plugging it in. By packing extra batteries, you’ll get to use all of your camera’s features without fear of it shutting down.

Mirrorless cameras are one of the top camera types today. Make the most out of this type of camera through our tips and tricks above.

Article Credit: Rocky M.Meeks.

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