Outer Range: Is Season 2 Happening? Official Details Inside

With its Western and sci-fi elements, Outer Range’s dramatic climax was the perfect match. To wrap things off, there was a good old-fashioned gunfight, death, and a rumbling herd of buffalo in the conclusion. A little romance couldn’t hurt either.


A catastrophe waiting to happen, but the anticipation made it *chef’s kiss*. Has it been renewed for a second season? So far, here is all we know about the situation. Brian Watkins, who created the gateway, is expected to shed additional light on its mysteries. 

I can see the connection between the land, the Abbotts, and that goddamned buffalo in the distance.

Plot Or Storyline

The fact older time-traveling Amy after all has no recollection of her upbringing might imply that her mind has been wiped clean. This is something we learned in season one.

As a result, she will no longer have any contact with the Abbotts beyond this point in her life. Amy is the ninth character in the program. She is taken away by her mother at the end of the series, which signals a turning point as she goes on her road to becoming Autumn, but we may be privy to a glimpse of that trip.

Cast explanation

The only characters other than him and Trevor (Matt Lauria) that perished on the programme are the following. Josh Brolin portrays Royal Abbott in the role. Lili Taylor portrays Cecilia (Cece) Abbott. Lewis Pullman portrays Rhett Abbott. Imogen Poots portrays Autumn Rivers in the film. Wayne Patton portrays Wayne Tillerson in the film. 

Short previous recap

We were left hanging on more than one occasion by Outer Range. When Tom Pelphrey (Perry) plunged into the time-traveling vacuum, where did he go? Now that Amy (Olivia Abercrombie) has a mother, what will happen to her? Is she on her way to being the enigmatic and cryptic Autumn that and love?? What will happen to the Abbotts? Please, for the love of God.

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Outer Range Season 2 Release Date

For the time being, there’s no word on whether or not the Western/sci-fi thriller has been renewed but stay tuned! There’s still a lot to unpack here

Outer Range Season 2 Trailer

Amy, Olivia Abercrombie’s character, may or may not return. Not much is known at this point regarding the potential narrative of a follow-up season


Total episodes

In spite of its complicated nature, the story’s idea and execution are nevertheless riveting. To deny the fans a second season, even to wrap things up, would be cruel.

Fans reactions

Trevor and Billy Tillerson were two of the Tillerson family’s three sons that died. Luke of the family after Wayne’s death. See the fans reaction to know more


What to expect?

It’s also unclear at the season’s finale where Perry’s father is, thus Tom Pelphrey’s future in the role is also up in the air. No one can say for sure whether or not she’ll prove to be a friend or adversary as we speed towards the enigmatic future scenario we glimpsed when Royal learns of his death). One thing is for sure: Royal is hounding her for information.

Where to watch?

Although we don’t need a time machine to tell us that it isn’t going to happen any time soon, through this website as soon as we learn of anything noteworthy.


At the conclusion of the series, we find the Abbotts to be a fractured family. In addition to Perry’s disappearance, Rhett, Amy, and Royal’s estrangement, all four of these people have departed town. After Autumn’s tampering, it is expected that the second season would be dedicated to mending the damage.

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