Elite Season 6: Has Netflix Confirmed June Release?

Is there a sixth season of Elite in the works for Netflix? You may find out everything you need to know about the Spanish show’s future, as well as Samuel’s destiny.


Netflix has also revealed that five new cast members, including the show’s first trans actor, will be joining Elite season 6. As a result of this, here is all the information you need to know for the next season.

Plot Or Storyline

Andre Lamoglia, the executive producer of Elite, discusses how the sequence between Manu Rios and Iván was shot, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. We’ll have to wait and see whether Patrick and Iván are able to get over their challenges (including Patrick’s relationship with Iván’s father) before making plans to date. However, the kids of Las Encinas are going to be drawn into yet another mystery.

Cast explanation

The Elite cast has yet to clarify whether or not Season 5 would be their last. Omar Ayuso and Claudia Salas seem to be the most probable actors to leave the show, while Georgina Amorós appears to be the most likely character to go. Benjamin strikes Samuel towards the conclusion of season 6, causing him to lose consciousness and die as a result. Samuel’s fate is still up in the air.

Short previous recap

When Netflix posted a collection of images with the description “how we met him, and how we said farewell, Samuel,” they seemed to indicate that Itzan is departing. Itzan, on the other hand, posted a picture of himself in his Elite jersey on his Instagram account, captioning the shot with a love and a lock emoji.

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Elite Season 6 Release date

Elite was renewed for a sixth season by Netflix in October 2021. The streaming service then added: “Three new short stories will be launched in December: Phillipe, Caye, and Felipe met on Dec. 15th. Samuel and Omar’s Christmas Date Christmas Eve – Patrick.” 

Elite Season 6 Trailer

We don’t currently have an Elite season 6 trailer, but we will keep you updated as soon as one is released.

Total episodes

Season 5 and all of the short tales have been televised, but season 6 is yet to come. In light of the recent release of Season 5 (on Apr 7), we’re placing our money on Season 6 debuting in 2023. Season 6 of Elite is expected to premiere in the early part of next year, with Elite Short Stories filling in the gaps.

Fans reactions

Fans of Elite have been glued to their screens premiering in 2018. It depicts the narrative of a fictitious Madrid school pupils’ lives are ruled by money, murder, and mayhem. Elite season 5 ended with such a startling twist that the show’s viewers are eager to see what happens in the sixth season.


What to expect?

Season 6 of Elite has yet to begin, however it is probable that the story may begin after Benjamin is sentenced to prison and Samuel either survives or dies. There will be plenty of fresh drama with the new characters in Season 6 if the original cast members (Samu and Omar) aren’t returning.

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Where to watch?

Netflix has already confirmed that Elite will return for a sixth season, despite the fact that the fifth season has just been released.



The moment has come for Samuel, Omar, Rebe, and Caye to leave Las Encinas, no matter what the conclusion of this trial may be. It’s possible they’ll arrive in season 6, but we think they’ll be there to close things off. 

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