MPL Bans Over a Million Accounts in 2022 for Encouraging fair Gameplay!

MPL, one of the leading mobile and skill gaming platforms in the globe, has banned nearly one million user accounts in order to continue providing a secure and fair gaming environment for its consumers.

The corporation has taken the action to exclude gamers who violated the rules and used unscrupulous ways to alter the results in their favour.

The use of multiple accounts by the same user to access the platform, the uploading of fake or altered KYC documents, the use of unauthorized payment methods such as stolen cards, and cheating during the gameplay by utilizing any hacks or collusion techniques are some of the primary reasons why user accounts were blocked.

These are not temporary suspensions; MPL has permanently barred these users from the system.

MPL’s rigorous security methods allow them to efficiently identify and ban phoney accounts within a short period of time after their creation.

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Additionally, the organization utilizes best-in-class technology techniques that enable granular detection of fraudulent accounts, including identification of the devices used to establish the accounts.

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Once a user has been prohibited, they often start a new account with a different email id. However, MPL identifies these unauthorized login attempts performed from the same device and permanently revokes their access using cutting-edge technology.

This ensures that fraudulent players are penalized and removed from the site, allowing legitimate players to confidently enter contests.

MPL’s security activities were recently acknowledged by the SHIELD Trust Certification, which attests that the platform has more than 96.57 percent authentic users and a user-to-device ratio of 1: 0.9568, which is an extraordinary industry trust benchmark.

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SHIELD is a worldwide risk intelligence firm, and the certificate evaluates a company’s trust profile and key risk criteria, including the amount of legitimate users, user-to-device ratio, and the frequency of harmful tools on a certain platform.

With a trust score of 95.95%, MPL is the only multi-gaming firm in the world to receive this certification after meeting the essential standards of SHIELD’s Trust Check, making it the most trustworthy and secure platform for avid gamers.

MPL Bans Over a Million Accounts in 2022 to Reinforce Transparency and Fair Play on the Platform

Commenting on this, Ruchir Patwa, Vice President of Security and Compliance at MPL, stated, “At MPL, delivering the highest level of protection against fraud is our top priority, and we are dedicated to providing the gamers with a safe and uninterrupted gaming experience.”

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This action is consistent with our player-first philosophy and underscores the MPL’s zero-tolerance policy towards users who engage in illegal tactics to influence gameplay results and gain an unfair advantage.

With such steps, MPL will continue to be a secure and user-friendly platform that users can rely on.”

MPL has also announced a number of efforts to advance the player-first philosophy and foster a risk-free gaming environment for users.

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As part of this initiative, the business announced a bug bounty program aiming to reward security researchers with up to INR 10 lakhs if they successfully identify a valid platform vulnerability.

The bug bounty program also enables researchers to disclose any exploit that could provide an unfair advantage to a player.

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To guarantee a risk-free gaming experience, MPL recently established India’s first multi-game Loss Protection policy, which allows players to demand a refund of up to 100 percent of the net loss they may have incurred after participating in 10 gameplay sessions with specified loss limits.

This effort made it possible for customers to play some of the most popular games without worrying about losing money.

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