Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Trial: What Will Happen Next After Depp’s Win In Final Verdict?

The most heated, debated, talked about & trending topics for the past month has been the defamation trial against Amber Heard by Johnny Depp. The rift, divorce, assault allegations & a very public dispute between the ex-couple finally comes to an end after six years.
The case was televised & streamed live on YouTube for the world to see, witness, have knowledge on & dissect. It has been one of the most rare cases where the dirty laundry was completely, to every point & detail made public. It divided the internet & audiences into two sharply divided camps, namely Team Amber & Team Johnny, while there were some who definitely think that the whole scenario is not black & white, that they’ve both been toxic in their marriage. As far as the trial goes, it has concluded with Johnny Depp emerging victorious, through a series of evidences, proofs & witnesses backing his side of the argument that Amber Heard did try & defame him, leaving his reputation, name, image & career battered & bruised.

The jury on 1st June 2022, declared that Ms. Amber Heard in her 2018 opinion piece about domestic abuse for The Washington Post defamed him, even after not being mentioned directly, explicitly or by name.

Johnny Depp on the day of his win, wrote a letter for his supporters, fans, well wishers & the jury. He is planning to slowly & steadily revive his career. Amber heard on the other hand has appealed saying to the court that she wouldn’t be able to pay the $8.35m in damages she is legally obligated to pay Mr. Depp.

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Ms Heard can still appeal, questioning & opposing the verdict on the grounds of her finding the arguments inconsistent & the decision unfair, but the chances of the outcome being modified are very low.

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