American Idol finalist Noah Thompson shares his journey with the platform

Noah Thompson hardly had time to eat or check his phone after winning “American Idol” in less than two hours. When the 20-year-old Kentucky construction worker steps off the “Idol” stage, he’s rushed into a vehicle and whisked to New York City on Monday morning for “Good Morning America.” A lot had happened since Thompson’s when he was a small-town boy who had never taken a plane.

Thompson’s reaction to this victory

Just sort of kind of numb,” he tells USA TODAY an hour after the season finale on Sunday over the phone in his vehicle. “I was stunned. I had no idea what to feel. Do you understand what I mean when I say anybody might have won this competition? “I didn’t believe it was me,” I confessed. In the Top 2 of American Idol, Noah Thompson and Huntergirl face off in a country duel of epic proportions.

519 votes were cast for the American Idol (Grand Finale)

Season 20 of “American Idol” comes to a close with a bang as the Top 3 contestants take to the Idol stage one more time in an effort to secure the public’s vote, featuring a Bruce Springsteen-themed performance. 

Whoever emerges as the new American Idol will be announced soon. It’s not only the finalists who are going to shine on the night; there will also be performances from the judges and other celebrities who are all going to be present. “American Idol” will air live from coast to coast on ABC on Sunday.

Noah Thompson
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According to Thompson, life before “Idol” was simple: he worked in construction. In spite of his desires, Johnny finds himself on “Idol” when his coworker informs him.

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A friend of his pushed him into the tournament, but he says he’s thankful for it. Just to be clear, I had no idea what was going to happen.” After the Top 3, that’s when it struck me hard.”

 Thompson sings from COVID quarantine for his ‘greatest’ effort on the show.

The first time Arthur tried to talk to Thompson about “Idol” was when the two of them were constructing for employment. Because Arthur wouldn’t accept no for an answer, Thompson was able to join the program as planned.

Thompson’s nerves were frayed as he entered the audition room to perform for Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. “I can guarantee you, nobody is more worried than I am,” he adds. The pain in my chest was unbearable. Even looking at the judges made me nauseous.”

On his way to audition with Thompson, Arthur said: “Other applicants have received voice training. Thompson is unique since he doesn’t have that.” They have these ridiculous warm-up routines. Right now, this is the rawest of the raw.” The “Idol” experience hasn’t changed Thompson’s approach to performing.

People make a lot of noise while they’re warming up. “I don’t like that,” he adds. In truth, I don’t do that.” It makes me uncomfortable, but I’m becoming better at it. To the best of my ability, I’m savoring every moment of it.”

American Idol’s Katy Perry demands an “extra hour of treatment.” 

It was evidently a wise investment. Since his first appearance on The Voice, Thompson has consistently garnered high marks from the panel of judges, who praised his voice as well as his genuineness. Richie gave him the finest counsel, according to him.

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For him, “Lionel’s advice of stepping out there with my enormous boots and just owning it” has stayed with him all these years. Often, “I ponder about it.” In terms of his future plans beyond “Idol,” Thompson has no idea what he’ll be doing other than performing and recording songs. It was during Hollywood Week that he decided Nashville was the best place for him to begin his music career.


Whatever happens, Thompson intends to maintain his individuality while also cultivating the self-confidence he gained on “Idol.” To describe the experience thusly: “It’s helped me open up and simply evolve.” As a whole, it’s given me a boost in self-confidence. A lot of things about myself have changed as a result of that. Just like that, everything has been upended, but for the better. The event is something I’m really anticipating.”

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