Shania Twain Gets Divorced: Did You Know Her Divorce Story?

Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl, a documentary on the life of one of Canada’s finest musical exports, was released by Netflix in July. Shania honestly discusses her terrible background, the misogyny she encountered in the country music industry, living with Lyme disease, and her divorce in this memoir.

Which is a fantastic time to relive the completely insane divorce drama of Shania Twain. Have you ever heard of it? Shania and her best friend will essentially trade husbands. Likewise, if you’re confused. Here are all of Shania’s comments regarding the matter (which, thankfully, has a happy ending).

Who Are the Primary Characters, and Why Is One Named Mutt?

In 1993, Shania Twain met Robert John Lange, better known as Mutt, a renowned South African rock producer who has collaborated with numerous rock and pop artists, including Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga.

(I apologize, but I do not know the origin of his moniker.) Anyway, six months after meeting, Mutt and Shania wed, and they collaborated on two of her most popular albums: The Woman in Me (1995) and Come On Over (1996). (1997).

Shania and Mutt hired Marie-Anne Thébaud to oversee their Switzerland château sometime during the 1990s. Marie-Anne eventually assumed certain personal assistant responsibilities and became Shania’s close friend; the singer later referred to her as her “confidante.” Shania and Mutt spend a great deal of time with Marie-Anne and Frédéric Thébaud.

Where Did Everything Go Awry?

Shania and Mutt divorced in 2008 after 14 years of marriage. Shania would later say that she didn’t find out why her husband had left her until the next day when Frédéric (who was Marie-husband Anne’s at the time) informed her that Mutt and Marie-Anne were having an affair.

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Shania remembered this conversation during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2011: “Of course, I didn’t believe him, and I was certain he was lying. I was plainly in denial about the situation. However, he just stated, “You know I have evidence if you want it.” Now that I’ve followed it for a few weeks, I have hotel bills and all sorts of details.'”

This is where the situation begins to darken. According to Shania, she confronted Marie-Anne about the affair, and Marie-Anne feigned not knowing what she was talking about before changing her number!! The nerve! Shania mentioned several emails Marie-Anne sent her while having illicit affairs with Mutt in her 2011 autobiography. One of them stated, “I am currently in the spa… I truly appreciate it!” Sickening.

Shania disclosed in a 2011 Oprah interview that she confided in Marie-Anne when she suspected her husband of infidelity, only to be told she was insane. Shania stated that all Marie-Anne did throughout the ordeal was reassure her that everything was alright. I believed her and took her statement as genuine.

Twain compared her divorce in her new Netflix documentary to the car accident that killed her parents when she was 22. She remarked, “It was akin to death.” “It was the end of so many aspects of my existence. It took a considerable amount of time to be able to write and record again.”

Shania struggled with Lyme illness, which she was diagnosed with in 2003, in addition to being betrayed by her spouse and longtime partner. As a result of experiencing brief blackouts and vertigo onstage, she withdrew from public view. The sickness also produced dysphonia, a dysfunction of the vocal cords that causes the voice box’s muscles to involuntary spasm.

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She claimed in the documentary, “My voice was never the same again.” “While attempting to establish the cause of my lack of vocal control, my husband left me for another lady. Now I’ve reached a new low. I don’t see any need to pursue a music career.”

What Transpired Between Mutt and Marie-Anne?

Mutt and Marie-Anne began dating officially following their split, and as far as we are aware, they are still together. She and Shania have not reconciled, and Shania has not been shy in expressing how she feels about this woman.

She told the Post in 2015 that she never sees Marie-Anne. She stated, “I do not invite that trigger into my life.” She is not my future, but rather my history. In the same year, Andy Cohen asked her what she would say to Marie-Anne if they ever met, and she responded, “I wish I’d never met you.” I cannot blame her.

In 2018, a reporter questioned Shania whether she communicates with her ex-husband, with whom she shares a 21-year-old kid. “Yes,” she replied. “I mean, we don’t socialize together.” She stated at the time that she lived a half-mile away from Mutt and Marie-Anne, but they have never crossed paths. She stated, “She is the last person on earth I want to encounter.”

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Did You Mention a Happily Ever After?

Thanks be to God. Shania rekindled her relationship with… Marie-ex-husband Anne’s Frédéric! Shania and Frédéric, both of whom had been cheated on, began spending a great deal of time together in 2009.

According to their perspective, they became close while grieving their separate marriages. Shania later told Oprah that when they were both pushed down the same cliff simultaneously, they clutched each other in midair to break their fall.

In August 2009, she and Frédéric were photographed wearing rings while on a vacation with their children in Canada. (Both Shania and Frédéric have children from previous relationships.)

Shania’s representative told the press they were not married or engaged, although Frédéric appeared in a travel vlog Shania recorded that year in which the couple rode camels in Egypt and bicycled in London. On the back of a camel, who among us hasn’t bonded with a friend’s ex-husband?

In 2010, Shania and Mutt formalized their divorce, and on January 1, 2011, she married Frédéric in Puerto Rico. Hurrah! In her 2011 memoir, Shania referred to him as the “god of romance.” They remain together and seem to be deeply in love.

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