Kellyanne Conway Deflects Gayle King’s Inquiries About Her Divorce by Claiming that She and Her Husband Do Not Wear Wedding Rings

Kellyanne Conway was quick to point out that neither she nor her husband of more than 20 years, George Conway, wore wedding rings.

The former top adviser to President Donald Trump gushed excitedly in a sit-down interview with the hosts of CBS Mornings on Tuesday about her expectations for a future Trump White House and her delight in the Trump-Pence government. But when inquiries about her husband were made, she opted without providing a direct response.

Conway, 55, skilfully sidestepped queries about her marriage while promoting her new book, Here’s the Deal, which offers a rare glimpse into her marriage to her attorney husband, who became a vocal opponent of Trump.

In an effort to discover more about what marriage looks like today, host Gayle King shared a quote from Conway’s book, “The man you believed had your back ended up stabbing you in the back.”

That is unfortunate, Conway said. “Women, I believe, can identify with that. But this was a whole new level.”

She continued, “Donald Trump is not the target of George Conway’s vows. He owes no political party, no particular president, any fealty or loyalty. That was for me to value and honor.”

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“As you sit here now, did your marriage survive?” King, 67, then inquired. Conway revealed that she and her husband’s four children spent the Memorial Day weekend together.

She continued by listing instances when her husband openly criticized the Trump administration in a way that was intended to “make her uncomfortable.”

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“Why didn’t George inform me that my op-ed would be published in the New York Times or the Washington Post tomorrow as a matter of course? We’re going to have a new ad skewering your boss, we’re in the Lincoln Project right now,” “She spoke.

The hosts quickly changed the subject and focused on the absence of a wedding ring from Conway’s left hand. Now that we are sitting here, Tony Dokoupil, the host, has noticed that you are not wearing a ring.

Conway retorted with a smile, “He doesn’t either.

King tried one final time to obtain a straight response from Conway regarding her marriage as the interview came to a conclusion and she firmly shared her ambitions of returning to work in the White House under Trump.

“Kellyanne, are you and George Conway dating?” She chuckled as Conway continued to sidestep the question. “Kellyanne, you’re not providing a response to the query. I get a lot of inquiries.”

The former campaign manager concluded the discussion by expressing her gratitude to the hosts for reading the book and inviting her to the program.

The book is “a meaty 600 pages, double the length of many works in the genre,” as Conway previously told PEOPLE. She claimed to have enjoyed writing it.

Conway describes her spouse in the Here’s the Deal afterword, saying, “I will always be grateful that we were able to start a life and a family together. There is no way to alter or affect that. George has been generous and nice to both his and my family. Whatever the case, shared parenthood is more beautiful than divergent political views. Give it to me.”

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Conway voluntarily left her post in 2020 in order to spend more time with her family after managing Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and being the first woman to lead a successful presidential campaign.

She was “untouched by any of the main scandals or investigations of the administration,” according to her publisher.

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