Transformation: Christian Nodal Before and After—View His New Look! [Update 2023]

Christian Nodal, who is only 23 years old, is one of the most significant figures in modern Mexican regional music. Because of his extraordinary talent, he has topped both the U.S. and international charts and received numerous Grammy nominations.

The musician who dated Belinda has been a talking point because of the significant modifications he’s made to his look, as well as the numerous tattoos he’s acquired recently. You may find all the information you require here.

Christian Nodal Bio


Specifications Details
Full Name Christian Nodal
Profession Singer, Songwriter and Composer
Popular For Mexican Singer
Age 24 years old
Date of Birth January 11, 1999
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birth Place Sonora, Mexico
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity Hispanic
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Weight 68 kgs
Father Jaime Gonzalez
Mother Silvia Cristina Nodal
Wife Belinda(Engaged)
Children N/A
Siblings Amely Gonzalez Nodal, Jaime Alonso Gonzalez Nodal

Christian Nodal Tattoos Before and After

Christian Nodal started in 2017 by posting cover songs to YouTube to begin his creative career. Even though he was so young, he showed a lot of promise, but stardom had not yet entered his life.
Christian Nodal didn’t record his first song, “Goodbye, Love,” until he was 18 years old. Christian Nodal’s extraordinary musical career, which saw him break countless records along the way, officially began with that performance.

The musician was photographed with a few “marks” on his body that appeared very natural the same year he first publicly expressed his love for tattoos. However, Nodal has made it very clear that his affection for the tattoos on his body is unwavering because they act as a creative outlet and a representation of who he is as a person.

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He made it plain in a Life & Style interview that he has no desire to become a conventional Mexican regional celebrity.

The singer later started dating Belinda, whom he had met on the same show, after he had already attained enormous notoriety with songs like “Botella after bottle” and was appearing on TV Azteca shows like “La Voz.” Nodal adored the singer and inscribed his likeness over his breast.His name, the title of his record, “Utopia,” his anniversary, the number “4”, and other symbols were also inked on his body.
Others criticise the artist for being excessive and toxic. Nothing could keep him from showing off his tattoos and his unwavering love for the woman who was to be his bride-to-be.

When Cristian Nodal had seven different tattoos on his face in the course of a year, his fan following was understandably alarmed.

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In contrast, since February of this year, Nodal and Belinda have been the subjects of several problems, many of which have not yet been resolved. The musician started covering up the tattoos he had received for his ex-girlfriend as a result.

On her ear, she had the word “Beli,” and on her forehead, she had the phrase “Utopia,” both concealed under flowers. An eagle and skulls covered Belinda’s chest, obstructing her vision.

Nodal startled Belinda when she had her tattoos removed by getting a new one—a strip across his nose—and by dyeing her hair a stunning colour and adding flowers to it. Only one of his followers has been won over by the new image, but the interpreter is happy with the outcome.

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Who are the parents and siblings of Christian Nodal?

Christian nodal before and after
Third-generation artist Christian Nodal hails from a family of singers in the Mexican state of Sonora. All of his ancestors were musicians. His parents, Silvia and Jamie, nurtured him in a loving environment.

His parents immediately enrolled him in music classes after noticing his early passion for singing. He hasn’t mentioned any brothers or sisters; therefore, we can assume he is the only child of his parents.

Dating and Girlfriends

While Christian Nodal first gained notoriety in 2016, he didn’t begin dating Belinda until the middle of 2020. Some claim that even though they didn’t make their romance public until August of 2020, they were actually dating for quite some time prior to that.
Gross Value
Christian Nodal, a three-time Grammy winner, has only a few singles and albums to his credit but has amassed millions of fans and achieved commercial success.

Christian Nodal Tattoos

Nodal has worked with Camilo, Angela Aguilar, Bello Camacho, and David Bisbal, among other musicians. On the other hand, he has sung his songs while on tours throughout Mexico, the United States, and South America. When he first started in the music business, he got some tattoos. His face, for example, had additional patterns on his skin. One of the paintings on his face honoured his ex-girlfriend Belinda, but opinions on the other tattoos on his face have divided people on social media.

Christian Nodal net worth

Popular Mexican musician Christian Nodal is well known for his debut studio album, “Me Deje Llevar.” Christian Nodal’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2023.

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He has a long history in the field and has grown immensely popular over the years.

Christian Nodal earnings, salary, income

YouTube’s monetization system constantly makes money via views, sponsorships, and other similar techniques. In this sense, it can be argued that Christian Nodal makes about $320,000 a month through YouTube. Christian Nodal makes about $22.8K per month. However, Christian Nodal makes about $273.6K each year. Christian Nodal’s enormous income has placed him among the wealthiest YouTubers.

Christian Nodal charge per show

Tickets for Christian Nodal can be purchased for as little as $70.00, with an average cost of $143.00. The majority of his income comes from his musical profession, though. The high-paid singer-songwriter makes about $50,000 per month, or $600,000 annually.

How much does Christian Nodal earn?

For every thousand video views, an ad-supported channel makes money. For every thousand views of a video on a monetized YouTube channel, they may make $3 to $7.
The income also includes earnings from selling their own goods, taking sponsorships, and earning affiliate commissions.

The extremely well-known YouTuber makes additional money through YouTube Red subscribers, who, for a monthly subscription, may access premium material on YouTube and watch videos without advertisements.

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