The Family of Love Island Star Luca Bish Apologises for His Behaviour Toward Gemma Owen.

The hot summer series LOVE ISLAND is based on the international blockbuster hit and cultural phenomenon LOVE ISLAND. A group of single “Islanders” assembles in a beautiful Las Vegas villa, eager to start a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately love.

The Islanders pair up every few days, and those who are not partnered risk being banished from the island. The Islanders are on the lookout for love, but the path to it is not always simple. As new connections and ties are forged, the emergence of exciting new Islanders presents a multitude of obstacles.

In addition to carefully selecting their partners, Islanders must also win the hearts of viewers, who have the ability to influence on-screen events and ultimately name one lucky pair the winner, who will then have the opportunity to take home both love and the financial prize.

luca bish apology

Luca Bish’s family apologized “on his behalf” after Sunday’s Love Island episode.

The family of Luca Bish has apologized for his “insensitive” reaction to Gemma Owen’s “flirtation” with Billy Brown.

His family shared a message on Instagram stating, “We do not condone his behavior last night, but we do realize that he is in an intensive setting where his emotions are heightened.”

They continued by explaining that they had disabled comments on Luca’s Instagram postings due to unfavorable feedback.

The statement stated, “Please be advised that death threats and hateful remarks are completely unacceptable and something our family should not have to face; therefore, we have disabled comments and communications.”

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luca bish apology

“We would like to thank everyone who has written us notes inquiring about our well-being, and we look forward to seeing you.”

After Sunday’s Movie Night, Luca snapped after observing his boyfriend develop a relationship with the new boy in Casa Amor.

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“If she wants to f***ing put me down, I will f***ing explode,” he said.

Then he replied to Billy, “You were effing and blinding with her. You were f***ing flirting, don’t deny it.

“I don’t care, carry on, it’s Love Island, but I was made to look like an idiot for flirting!”

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