Net WorthSundar Pichai net worth: Age, Bio, career, Salary, Real Estate & More

Sundar Pichai net worth: Age, Bio, career, Salary, Real Estate & More

Sundar Pichai, one of the most important figures in the technology sector, frequently serves as an excellent role model for young people. Alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and one of the most well-known figures in the world, the CEO of Google and Alphabet Sundar Pichai, too, has a sizable net worth. He earned an M.S. in materials science and engineering from Stanford University after moving from Madurai. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School awarded him a second MBA.

After his initial employment with McKinsey & Co., he began working for Google in 2004. He disregarded the creation of programmes like Gmail and Google Maps. Along with other significant advancements, he added Android to the list of Google products that he controlled in 2013. In August 2015, he was chosen to serve as CEO. In 2017, he was elected to the Alphabet Board of Directors.
Pichai has always made significant contributions to India’s progress in any way he could. He recently participated in the December 19-ending Google for India 2022 event. Pichai spoke about the extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday situations. In order to discuss how Google’s India Digitization Fund (IDF) will focus more on women-driven enterprises and start-ups as well as other Google initiatives, he met with Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister for Communications, Electronics, and IT. He also spoke with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on upcoming initiatives.

With countless Google projects, Sundar Pichai has diligently tried to make the world a better place to live. He should rank among the highest-paid CEOs in the world in 2022, after all. Since 2015, he has been included among the top 10 CEOs in America in terms of pay. So let’s explore Sundar Pichai’s net worth and yearly salary in more detail.

Sundar Pichai net worth

According to the IIFL Hurun India Rich List 2022, he lost a fifth of his wealth last year. After a 20 per cent decline in his net worth, reports suggest that his estimated net worth now stands at almost US $1310 million (Rs 10,215 crores approx) as of 2022. He still ranks among the top 10 wealthiest professional managers on the list.

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Sundar Pichai annual salary & donations 

Sundar Pichai receives a yearly income of approximately $242 million (roughly Rs. 1880 crore). Pichai also engages in a lot of charitable work via Google. Google funds the creation of numerous small technical enterprises, donates to numerous educational institutions, and supports the transition of the globe to a digital era. His In 2018, Pichai’s base pay jumped by 200%. His base pay is $2 million USD (about Rs. 16 crore), plus additional bonuses and stock grants.

Stock owned by Pichai

He makes US $120 million over 3,000 shares of Alphabet Inc. stock, which are worth about US $177,596,126 (around Rs. 1,470 crore). He sold his Google stock six years ago for US $978,292,670 (about Rs. 8,100 crore). Additionally, Pichai receives an annual salary of US $280,622,016 (about Rs 2,323 crore) as the CEO and director of Alphabet Inc. His personal investment is thought to be worth approximately US $572.5 million (roughly Rs. 4,740 crore).

Sundar Pichai real estate

The CEO leads a very simple lifestyle. Along with his wife and two kids, he resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. They bought the Los Altos Hills, 10,000-square-foot home in 2014, which is situated on a 3-acre lot. It has amenities including a tennis court and a course for miniature golf and is projected to cost over $2.9 million (around Rs. 24 crore). Additionally, he has a number of properties in India.


Pichai Sundar Rajan is Sundar Pichai’s real name. He was born on July 12, 1972, to a Tamil family in the home of Lakshmi and Raghunath Pichai in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Pichai attended Jawahar Vidyalaya in Ashok Nagar, Chennai, for his early education. He completed his class XII education at Vana Vani Vidyalaya at IIT Chennai after finishing his class X studies.

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Raghunath Pichai, Pichai’s father, oversaw the management of a division that produces the company’s electrical components while working as a senior electrical engineer for the British business “General Electric Company.” In Madras’ Ashok Nagar, Sundar spent his formative years. Sundar Pichai graduated from IIT and is married to Anjali, a Kharagpur-born college friend with whom he shares two daughters.

Pichai began working with Google in 2004. When Twitter attempted to hire Mr. Pichai in 2011, Google refused to let him depart and instead paid him a very large sum of money to stay on as his employer.

About Sundar Pichai:

Indian birthplace of Sundar Pichai He attended Stanford University for academics. He has a long history of employment with Alphabet and Google. Pichai is allegedly creating new cutting-edge technology for the business, per a blog post on the Google website. Artificial intelligence has received increased focus in this area.

The following facts about Mr. Sundar Pichai may already be known to you if you use Google, which we are confident you do:

On July 12, 1972, in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, Mr. Pichai was born. He goes by Pichai Sundararajan. He currently resides in Los Atlos Hills, California, USA, and is a citizen of that country.

Pichai is a huge cricket lover, and during his high school years, he captained the cricket team. He also enjoys playing chess and football.

Sundar Pichai claims that, despite not being a morning person, he eats breakfast until 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. He reads the newspaper before going about his day. He reads both the print version of The Wall Street Journal and the online version of The New York Times. At the same time, he prepares breakfast. He has toast and eggs along with tea in this. The majority of them enjoy eating eggs in omelettes.

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Sundar Pichai has a very straightforward sense of fashion. In the office and at work, he is also frequently spotted wearing casual attire. Pichai enjoys strolling. He typically enters the office while walking as a result.

He thinks that walking helps him think more clearly. He enjoys thinking and holding meetings on the fly as a result. He is a vegetarian; therefore, his lunch is likewise fairly straightforward. They don’t eat anything in particular at lunch.

He enjoys eating toast if he doesn’t have time for lunch due to the meeting. He spends time with his family in the evening. On occasion, he uses the evening to go to the gym. He feels that everyone should always take care of their health and engage in some form of physical activity every day.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading. They get home early, so they have this leisure time. He prototypes and never brings office work home. In his home, there are between 20 and 30 phones. which is what they test with.

He enjoys watching cricket games at home. In addition to this, he enjoys watching football. He goes to bed at night after eating dinner and putting both of his kids to sleep.

Pichai graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in the subject of electrical engineering. Later, he earned his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School after finishing his MS at Stanford.



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