According to Reports, Nicki Minaj Pushed a Fan During the Frantic Meet and Greet!

During a tumultuous meet and greet with the rapper on Monday in London, a fan of Nicki Minaj alleged that he shoved her while attempting to take a selfie with the artist. The 39-year-old rapper was surrounded by a crowd who begged them to “support” them.

She looked to lean on him to record a video, defying her pleadings and wanting to take advantage of their near proximity. Minaj may have been heard urging her to “stand again” before ostensibly moving out of the way as she gave a peace sign and pursed her lips.

Nicki Minaj allegedly pushes fan during chaotic meet-and-greet

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On TikTok, a fan said, “My favorite actually touched me,” saying, “Nicki Minaj actually pushed me.”

Additionally, the fan stated that she was “happy that Nick touched her” in the comment section of her video. I appreciate you coming by, Nicki,” she added.

A Minaj advisor didn’t immediately respond to Web page Six’s request for comment.

The claimed incident allegedly took place after the rapper from “Starships,” who performed on Sunday’s Wi-fi Competition, appeared on Instagram Stay on Monday am. stating that you would be holding an unplanned gathering Camden City is in London.

According to The Mirror, a large group of people arrived at Cafe Koko and assaulted Minaj as she arrived. She shared a video of the gangs she claimed to represent on Twitter and pleaded with her followers to leave the streets so she could properly meet them.

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“Boys, they won’t allow me to get out of the cars if I don’t go inside a small house. Do not sprint on the streets, please. Please only enter once. a single line tweeted.

The rapper had to be contained by the police, who decided it would be best to take him back to his car so they could better subdue the group, but they finally had to call off the event.

“The event directors have decided that the event won’t go forward for security reasons.” On Monday, Camden Police tweeted. “It is advised that the general population avoid visiting the realm… The cops remain on the scene as the mob disperses. Zero arrests

Nicki Minaj allegedly pushes fan during chaotic meet-and-greet

Meanwhile, Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, recently made news when the couple’s children. sentenced to house jail for failing to register as a California intercourse offender.

Last Monday, a judge in Los Angeles sentenced 44-year-old Petty to three years of probation and one month of house arrest. He also received a $55,000 fine.

After Kenneth Petty received a probation and house arrest sentence, Minaj recently returned to work.

Petty, who has a son with Minaj, was first detained in Los Angeles in March 2020 for failing to register as an intercourse offender. He had already served four years in prison following his arrest. convicted in 1994 for attempting to rape a 16-year-old girl.

After meeting when they were still young, Petty and Minaj started dating in late 2018 and got married a year later.

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