New Jonathan major and Glenn Powel film: Devotion Release Trailer

We are all set for the release of the new war drama film, Devotion which is based on a true story and adapted from the book sharing the same title written by Adam makos. With its sudden drop of a teaser trailer, the movie has announced the news that the film will be available in theatres by October 14th, 2022; this much information is quite enough to quench our readers’ thirst for sure. J.D. Dillard is directing the movie.

For those who know about the works of Dillard, this can be considered as quite a change in his genre of works(still, based on the teaser trailer, it can be said that he has done quite a justice to the book). Now moving on to the movie’s main storyline, we see a very well scripted and directed setting describing the journey of two U.S Navy fighters who, through their heroic deeds and unquestionable bravery in the Korean wars, came to be known as U.S navy’s most celebrated wingmen.

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The book from which the movie is adopted was published in the year 2015 and became the bestseller for that year, black label media took over the rights of the book by 2018 only, and with the slow signing of the cast, we see the movie going into its production stages by early 2021. The form of the film has also got many gems, including both Jonathan major and glen Powel, and some other big names such as Joe Jonas and Thomas Sadoski, Serinda swan, Rossi de Palma, and many more. After the theatre release of the movie on October 14th, the film will be available for worldwide distribution by October 28th.

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The trailer of the movie devotion made a sudden drop on the YouTube platform on May 26th, and since then, there has been a lot of anticipation among the fans regarding the movie. Based on some of the critic’s comments, this movie will be a hit of the season, and from the tiny glimpses available to us from the teaser trailer, this movie will be a must-watch for all. Now moving forward, the teaser trailer is just the starting; the film’s actual trailer is remaining, and mostly like other movies, we can expect it to drop in the next two months. So, till then, we indeed have to wait for a little.

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