Kevin Hart Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Relationship, Achievement & More

On this page, you can find information on Kevin Hart net worth, biography, wife, age, height, and weight, among many other things. Kevin Hart is a retired American basketball player with a $500 million fortune. American stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart In collaboration with Lionsgate, Kevin Hart unveiled the Laugh Out Loud Network in 2017, a paid video streaming service. In clubs all around New England, Kevin Hart won a number of amateur comedy competitions to launch his career.

What is Kevin Hart Net Worth?

Kevin Hart, a well-known American comedian, is worth $500 million. According to a number of web resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB), the most well-known American comedian Kevin Hart’s net worth is more than $500 million.

Name Kevin Hart
Net Worth (2023) $500 Million
Profession American comedian
Monthly Income And Salary $3 Million +
Yearly Income And Salary $40 Million +
Last Updated 2023

How many cars does Kevin Hart own?

Twelve vehicles are in Kevin Hart’s fleet. Kevin Hart recently spent $180,000 USD on a brand-new Volvo XC90. In addition, Kevin Hart has a Lamborghini Huracan valued at over $700,000 USD. Here is a list of additional vehicles owned by Kevin Hart, along with their respective costs.

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class – $60,000 USD
  • BMW X6 – $150,000 USD
  • Jaguar XE – $80,000 USD
  • Porsche Cayenne – $260,000 USD
  • Ferrari 488 – $500,000 USD

Kevin Hart House Properties

Recently, Kevin Hart paid more than $3 million USD for a condo in Colorado. In addition, Kevin Hart has a mansion in Wisconsin that is valued at over $9 million US dollars. The following is a list of the additional assets that Kevin Hart owns. See how much money Eddie Murphy makes.

  • New York – $4 Million USD
  • Los Angeles – $7 Million USD
  • Miami – $4 Million USD
  • Dallas – $2 Million USD
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Kevin Hart Net worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023 $500 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $460 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $420 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $390 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $360 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $340 Million

How Much Does Kevin Hart Make a Year?

Given this growth rate, you probably want to know Kevin Hart’s annual salary. Hart’s annual revenue ranges from $50 million to $70 million on average. Based on Hart’s past earnings of $87.5 million in some years and $65 million in other years, this is a fair forecast.

So, we can conservatively assume that Kevin Hart earns about $60 million annually. Having said that, here is how much Kevin Hart may earn if he wanted to stop acting and enter the workforce right now.

This estimate is based on the assumption that he will liquidate his entire $450 million net worth and invest the proceeds in an asset with an average yearly return of 4.5%. Why 4.5%? Because traditionally, safe investment returns have ranged between 3% and 5%, [3]
Nevertheless, if he cashed it all in and retired, Kevin Hart could easily earn $20.25 million a year starting today. Moreover, this equals about $1.68 million every month. That’s quite good for a plan for early retirement!

Kevin Hart 2023 Profile

Name Kevin Hart
Real Name Kevin Darnell Hart
Gender Male
Profession American comedian
Date of Birth July 6, 1979
Age 43 years old
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Height 1.58 m
Weight 65 kg
Nationality American
Net Worth 2023 $500 Million

Kevin Hart Biography

Fans are looking up the biography of American comedian Kevin Hart. You may view Kevin Hart’s biography and many other details right here.

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A well-known American comedian is Kevin Hart. The majority of people want to know Kevin Hart’s net worth in 2023. So, the information has been updated here. Some people will be curious to learn about the biographies of the superstars they admire. So if you’re a fan of Kevin Hart, dig deep to learn more information.

On July 6, 1979, Kevin Hart was born. Kevin Hart will be 43 years old in 2023. A well-known American comedian is Kevin Hart. Many people may be interested in Kevin Hart’s height; according to multiple reliable sources, Kevin Hart stands 1.58 m tall.

Kevin Hart Relationship & More

Affairs N/A
Girlfriend   N/A
Best Friend N/A
Spouse  Eniko Hart (m. 2016), Torrei Hart (m. 2003–2011)
Divorce N/A
Children Heaven Hart, Kenzo Kash Hart, Kaori Mai Hart, Hendrix Hart
Parents Henry Robert Witherspoon, Nancy Hart
Siblings    Robert Hart

How much has Kevin Hart made from comedy?

Hart’s standup comedy career accounts for the majority of his wealth. At least $90 million of his net worth, according to estimates, may be attributed to comedy, but all of his money at least began there. His sense of humour made him famous!

How much does Kevin Hart make per movie?

The size of Hart role in a given film will determine how much he is paid. Hart is said to demand up to $20 million ahead for movies in which he stars as the big name, with an average salary of about $20 million. He could make significantly more depending on box-office sales or streaming agreements.

How much does Kevin Hart make from endorsements?

Hart has endorsement contracts with various companies in addition to just starring in commercials for them, including Fabletics, H&M, Hyundai, Foot Locker, Tommy John, Old Spice, Nike, and more.

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Hart defined his commercial appeal to AdWeek as follows: “I can introduce myself to audiences of all ages since I don’t pose a threat.” Your age, ethnicity, stature, or race is irrelevant. Because of who I am, I feel at ease in each of those settings, allowing me to further establish my brand. “The ability to have a likeable personality is that.”

How Did Kevin Hart Achieve Success?

Kevin Hart pursued his aspirations. Hart had huge goals; he could have stuck with his regular 9-to-5 job like most people do, but he had other plans. He bravely chased his dreams.
Kevin Hart has shown courage and perseverance despite nearly losing his apartment, spending years travelling across states to perform at small venues, and even having a chicken thrown at him because his act needed a lot of work.

He made the decision to act, pursue his goals, put in the necessary effort, and never cease bettering himself. These are the main aspects that contributed to Kevin Hart’s success and explain why he keeps producing so much.


Who is Kevin Hart?

A well-known American comedian is Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart was born on July 6, 1979, making him 43 years old at the moment.

What is Kevin Hart Net Worth?

American comedian Kevin Hart has a fortune of $500 million. On July 6, 1979, Kevin Hart was born.

What is Kevin Hart weight?

The popular American comedian Kevin Hart weighs 65 kilograms. Learn more about Kevin Hart by reading the aforementioned article.

How tall is Kevin Hart?

American comedian Kevin Hart is 1.58 metres tall.

How old is Kevin Hart?

On July 6, 1979, Kevin Hart was born. Kevin Hart is 43 years old.


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