Blake Griffin Net Worth 2023: Bio, Career, House, Relationship, Car and More

Blake Griffin is a very well-known NBA player from the United States. He plays for the Detroit Pistons now. In 2018, he was traded from the LA Clippers to the Detroit Pistons. In 2009, the Los Angeles Clippers took him with the first overall pick in the draught. He played for the team for nine years. He has been chosen as an NBA All-Star and All-NBA player six times.

In college, he played for the Oklahoma Sooners and was named the National Player of the Year by most people. Tommy Griffin, his father, was his coach at Oklahoma Christian School, where he helped him win four state titles.

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Early Life

Blake Griffin was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on March 16, 1989. His father, Tommy, went to Northwestern Oklahoma State University and played basketball there.

From first grade until Blake was ready for high school, his mother Gail taught him and his brother at home. Blake learned to play basketball when he was young. His father taught him. Still, when he was young, he also liked to play baseball and football.

Griffin and his brother Taylor both played basketball for their high school when they got there (who also became a professional basketball player).

Blake Griffin Net Worth

His father was the team’s coach. Griffin quickly showed how good he could be as a high school player. He led his team on long unbeaten streaks and went on to win many awards.

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His first season with the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t go as planned because he hurt his knee and couldn’t play.

Despite this setback, he still won the Slam Dunk Contest in 2011 and was named “the greatest rookie of all time.”

Since then, he has made the All-Star team more than once, and he will likely do it again.

Blake had been hurt a lot and got into a fight with a staff member, which led to his transfer to the Detroit Pistons in 2018.

Up until he got hurt and missed eight games during his first season with the Pistons, he had a great start with the team.

He will be playing for the Pistons with players like Kevin Knox, Marvin Bagley, Cade Cunningham, and Killian Hayes, all of whom have done well there.

Later in the season, he came back and scored 50 points, which was the most points he had ever scored in a game against the 76ers.

Blake joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2021. He had a good run with his new team, which made other teams watch him closely.

He played for the Brooklyn Nets until 2022, when he decided to join Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams III on the Boston Celtics. He signed a one-year contract with the team.

Blake Griffin Net Worth


Blake Griffin makes changes to his collection of houses and mansions all the time. On the other hand, most of his property is in Los Angeles.

Griffin bought a mansion in Pacific Palisades for $9 million in 2014. The house is on three acres and has a gourmet kitchen.

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It also has three fireplaces, a gym, and a home theatre with stadium seats. This means that the mansion is very fancy.


Blake Griffin was once engaged to Brynn Cameron, but they broke up and decided not to get married. During the time they were together, they had two children. After they broke up, rumors started to spread about how much child support Cameron was getting each month, with some estimates going as high as $250,000.

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Griffin is proud to own some of the most expensive cars in the world, like a Tesla, an Aston Martin, a GMC, a Ford, and a Ferrari.

In 2019, Blake Griffin was seen at the Montage Hotel riding in a Rolls Royce. Griffin was also seen riding a Tesla Model S at a Los Angeles gas station.

In the same way, Blake’s Yukon is one of his best cars. Everything about it is black, from the paint to the window tint to the wheels.

Griffin also likes to go on trips in his GMC Denali when he’s not doing that.

Blake Griffin Net Worth

Blake Griffin has made a lot of money from being a star in the NBA. As of January 2023, his expected net worth is $90 million. Griffin signed a five-year deal with the Clippers in 2017 that was worth $173 million and paid him more than $34 million a year. He was also to get a base salary of more than $31 million.

After he joined the Pistons, his base salary was worth more than $31 million, and he made about $32 million a year. Griffin has made more than $157 million during his career as a professional basketball player.

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Blake Griffin Net Worth

Griffin is not only a beautiful pro basketball player, but he is also a very humble person. He started Dunking for Dollars, a group that doesn’t make money but helps fight childhood obesity. Blake is a great and well-known NBA player who is looked up to by many people who want to play basketball.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has Blake Griffin a Girlfriend?

In the last three seasons, this is the third franchise he has been a part of. Griffin is rumored to be dating Francesca Aiello when he’s not on the court.

2. How Long Did Katie and Blake Date?

“she told me” We spent six months together. Blake and I are both very mature and level-headed, and we talk about our ideas very well.

3. How Long Did Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin Go Out?

“Blake Griffin called off his wedding with his girlfriend of 8 years to date Kendall Jenner.” When the Nets forward started dating the “Kardashians” star a few years ago.


Blake was a big surprise to everyone in basketball, and he started breaking records as soon as he got into the NBA.

He’s looking for new challenges after a mostly successful career with big teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, the Detroit Pistons, and finally the Boston Celtics.

With his investments in the food industry and his TV appearances, he is sure to stay in the public eye for a long time.

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